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  1. Just tried my second batch. American porter basic recipe. Fermented 3 weeks. Conditioned 4 weeks at 69 degrees. 3 days in fridge. Still a little green. Most of it is still conditioning. My wife suggested pouring some shiner bock in with it. Mixed about one part to one. No more green taste & porter added a little bitter to the shiner. We both like it. I'll let the rest condition for longer, until i need the room for more bottles. Then i'll move them to the pantry & refrigerate them as i need. It is much better than the CAL.
  2. Exactly what Rick said.
  3. At first, I was just going to expand the bottom one, but when the wife said I could buy another cooler, i was not about to argue with her. She's such a good wife. Lets me play with my toys.
  4. If its a dorm size fridge, 14 gauge should be ok. Its supposed to be good up to 13 amps. Starting amps on those coolers is under 10 & running amps much lower. If its a regular size fridge, I'd go for # 12 wire.
  5. Good job. Got my second cooler up and running yesterday.
  6. Got my second cooler from wallies yesterday afternoon. It is already up and running. Pipeline here I come. Now i have room for two LBKs and two bottle batche.
  7. RMG


    I have read lots of posts about people using a paint can & light bulb for a heater in a fridge. Thats a good idea, but imho, it takes up prime space that can be better filled with bottles conditioning or another lbk. I opted for a heater pad with adheasive backing i found from another brew supply store online. It was 34 bucks, but i think its worth it. My coolers are small so i need all the space i can get. It only uses 25 watts & Does get pretty warm.
  8. RMG


    Thanks for the info. They all look ok. I'll be warming them up a bit.
  9. RMG


    Just finished wiring up my new stc100 controller setup for my second fermentation cooler which should be arriving for pickup at my local wallies any day now. Much easier to set up what I have on my first cooler. Have my second & third batches conditioning in cooler right now. No room in there for lbk now. Hence the need for a second cooler. American porter will be week four on Saturday. Most of the bottles seem soft still. 750 ml plastic with 2 carbo drops in each. 69 degrees. Basic refill. Does this one require more than four weeks?
  10. My wife and I have always been lighter beer drinkers as well. Our last was the bud light 55. Watching calories you know. Then we started getting Shiner Bock. Some friends of ours always had it at thier house & we liked it so we just started buying that. Now, whenever we are at Wallies & see something new or interesting we buy it. My wife loves the stouts. I like anything that isnt light in color, mostly. There are a couple light ones i like but not the same old mass produced commercial crap. Kinda hard to stomach that stuff nowadays.
  11. No. Nothing exiting. But thats a good idea. Prize for the most original or unusual bottle.
  12. I figured iut a way to get bottles. We hosted a beer tasting party tonight. Had everybody bring a sixpack or two of a craft beer for a tasting. Everyone voted on the best & we gave prizes for first second and third. Simple stuff. Bottle opener, pilsner glasses, and a koozie. They were fairly cheap. Guess who got to keep all the empty bottles? Fun was had by all, or i should say fun is still being had by all. Ps. Make sure you invite nonbrewing friends.
  13. In Austin's defense. He never said what they were doing before he was reading the forum. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.
  14. Four weeks in bottles on thursday. Put three bottles in fridge. Not many left since ive been sampling weekly. Had been noticing changes in flavor each week. Even the wife liked it this week. I notice a slight honey after taste, even though i didnt use any. Not a bad thing. I kinda like it. I gave my boss a couple bottles yesterday & gave him instructions on home brewed beer management. Not sure if hes patient enough to wait a couple days before dri king.
  15. Why not just brew it straight up the first time & see how you like it? Then make your adjustments a little at a time the next batches. I just brewed my patriot lager yesterday. In 7 weeks, i'll see if i like it or if it needs something more. I just now read chuck's post. I guess i just repeated him. Oops.
  16. Thanks Rick. I wish we had basements around here, but that's kind of a rarity. I will just have to make do with what i have for now & find a cool spot in the house. Bigger cool chamber is definitely in my future.
  17. Is it ok to continue to condition bottles in higher temps after the 4 weeks than between 68 & 72. I see my cooler filling up pretty quickly if i want to age the beer more than 4 weeks. House temp in winter is about 76 & 78-79 in summer. saying to store them at room temp doesnt help much because everyones idea of room temp is different depending on where you live & what your comfortable temperature preference is.
  18. I'm working on my glass bottle collection. You know, those that come with free beer. How do the guinness extra stout bottles hold up?
  19. Very good advice Rick. I did the 2-1 method, but only put in one bottle after one week of conditioning. I have been reading this forum since i got my kit for christmas. I know it is my impatience & curiosity that is to blame for cidery beer. I still have the rest f the bottles conditioning. Have an american porter in the lbk now. On week 2. I will wait one more week to bottle as recomended by the masses. And condition for 4.
  20. Is the reason to refrigerate for two or more days before drinking to get everything to settle to the bottom?
  21. I like that setup a whole lot better than mine. Way simpler. I will have to keep that one in mind for when i set up my next cooler
  22. Its because us brew virgins have no freeking patience. I put one in the fridge after a week & tried a day & a half later. It was a little cidery but not bad. I will put another inthe fridge this next thursday and the nextafter that & so on. To be clear, that last one will be the last one i try after just one week.
  23. Yes, you can mount the whole tstat inside the cooler. Thats what i did. Of course, since it is a regular household thermostat, you will have to add a transformer to power it & a medium duty relay. Two relays if you are adding heat. I also have a remote temp sensor from one of my meters taped to the side of the LBK. The meter is on the outside so i can monitor it without opening. Being in the hvac field helps. Its just as fun setting up the cooler as it is brewing. I do need to make the cooler bigger now. Only big enough for one LBK & a few bottles. I think im going to extend about a foot. Did some measuring & that seems like that should do it to have two batches rotating. i aslo found a nice one on ebay for 80 some odd bucks. Has a plug for cooler and for heater. Looks like it has an alarm. I think that would be the way to go. After buying a thermostat, transformer, a couple relays, that might exceed 80 bucks unless you live close to a contractor & can get them for free. Go to ebay and search for fermentation temperature control. It was the first one that came up
  24. RMG

    first beer

    Another brewmonster has been created. Glad to be a part of this great family.
  25. RMG

    first beer

    Thanks. Yes, it does feel good.
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