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  1. I hope it stays the same other than name/packaging since it actually came out pretty good for me.
  2. I brewed up my first Mexican Cerveza also. I just added 1 lb. Pilsen Light DME. I got an OG of 1.050, not sure if this is good or not. It is currently fermenting like crazy.
  3. They should make a note that when you run a 2 for 1 on something that they better stock up on it. Kind of a bummer, it actually came out not too bad luckily I have some other stuff to play with for a bit.
  4. This was an awesome help! Thanks for posting this, I have my controller working and a mini fridge on the way. This would have been quite difficult without the great instructions you provided.
  5. My first batch of Mr Beer was the classic American light. After 4 weeks in the bottle it was much darker than I expected and it had a sort of sweet/yeasty taste. My wife described it as a maple sugar flavor which is odd since I used table sugar to prime. Followed the directions for the brew, used bottled water, fermented at about 70 degrees. Fast forward to my Patriot Lager. Same scenario, opened a bottle at 4 weeks (3 weeks ferment, 4 carb/condition at room temp). Color was darker than expected and a similar sweet taste but not quite as pronounced (but close). Wife said tasted more like beer than the first. I have not been exposed to a lot of different beers so it is hard to describe but maybe it is more of a malty taste? Definitely not cidery tasting or any of the "off flavors" that I have read about. what is really throwing me is how much alike the CAL and Patriot Lager came out. I do have another batch I bottled a week ago that tasted pretty good coming out of the fermenter. It was patriot lager with some lme and hoping this one comes out a bit better than the first two. I am trying to figure out if I did something wrong with the first two. followed the directions for brewing and advice on here for ferment/carb/condition so I am kind of at a loss on this (or maybe that is the taste and I do not have a refined pallet after drinking swill for so long).
  6. sorry for asking something that was previously asked. I didn't know if there was a difference between lme and hopped malt extract extract when storing, that is why I asked. back to lurking I guess.
  7. I looked briefly but didnt see anything jump out at me. I did this with another recipe and just bottled it so I am now waiting patiently to be able to try it out (dads cream ale recipe for patriot lager).
  8. I received mine today. I was surprised to find an added bonus of carb drops included. I probably wont use them as I am batch priming now but maybe I will give them a try sometime.
  9. I tried batch priming on my third batch. I used the calculator at screwy brewer for the amount of corn sugar needed. I used a slimline from walmart for the batch priming and it worked out nicely. I used an autosiphon and transferred into the slimline (I added the priming sugar first, boiled in 1/2 cup water and cooled). my bottle wand fit perfectly into the slimline spigot and filling the bottles was easy this way. The bottles are firming up nicely so the waiting game begins.
  10. I have a 3.3lb can of muntons american style light lager HME. I plan on splitting it up into two lbk's. How long and how should I store the half of the can that I do not use? Will it be good if I store it in a sealed container in the fridge for 2 weeks? I won't have an extra lbk ready from my rotation to do the whole batch at once.
  11. I received my scratch and dent from Mr Beer today. The included refills were Aztec Mexican Cerveza and Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner. Any recommendations on what style lme to use for each of these?
  12. after a long debate, I also ordered one of these. Even though I have 2 lbk's, I figured for the price of 2 refills I get more bottles and another lbk for a good rotation. Hope it comes in good shape.
  13. my first batch was CAL also and it was kind of sweet also. I was not impressed. Hoping the batch of patriot lager that is conditioning comes out better.
  14. oh why couldn't this have been going on before I ordered my second LBK last week? I would have jumped all over this but I don't think I need 3 LBK's at the moment.
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