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  1. So I did as suggested, Sterilized everything as I did before, bought 2 cups of water to right before it starts to boil, added the can, and then after mixing did a ice bath to bring the temps down and added it back to the LBK. So fingers crossed and will have results about 7 weeks from now. Side note, I think I might have been a bit lucky because with the sub zero temperatures we're having here my basement (where I will be doing most of the storing of my beer) has been roughly 50-55 Degrees so i don't think my yeast was awake. I placed it in a travel cooler and put it in my living room where it's usually 65-68 and will let it live there for the time being.
  2. Checking in from Upper Darby (Delaware County), PA Total Noobfest here but besides all my many other hobbies I think i've found something else to start sinking my money into haha.
  3. I did check both cans and they expire late 2014 fortunately, i left it in my basement last night so i'll check on it tonight. I'm ordering a couple more LBK's and bottles so once they get here i'll probably just go ahead and make the second batch albeit just a bit smaller.
  4. So i've had a Mr. Beer Kit for what seems like forever, I moved last year and while cleaning up my basement this weekend i discovered my kit. So last night I decided to brew the American Devil IPA that I had. I followed the instructional video to the T, but a couple things happened. First while opening the can of IPA when i looked at the bottom there was some wort that appeared burnt. I scraped it in anyway and continued on, made sure everything was sealed correctly, I then got upstairs later on that night and found that there was a 2nd can of the American Devil IPA. That's when I realized I had just made 2 gallons of beer with a 1 gallon can (egg on face). So i'm wondering if i should continue and let the beer sit, or if i should just call it and start fresh with a new batch?
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