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  1. This is my forth batch now, I use patriot hme smooth lme 38oz of pureed strawberries and half cup of honey. Not only is the krausen going crazy and oozing out of the keg, but when I shine a light inside I can see the particles all moving around likerhere is a blender on or something. I think thiseill be a good batch
  2. I stirred very little on my first batch. My beer came out fine. I was too excited and didn't take enough time reading the direction. But my first batch wasn't bad at all.
  3. after seeing rickbeers reference, i searched the forums for growlers, some people said it was fine and some said they would be bombs. some also said that the lids were to blame. well, mr beer support said just what rickbeer said. they said thier bottles were designed to carb and condition in. they just warned me that once opened, like anything else they could slowly loose carbonation.
  4. hemp beer?,, i would really like to hear about that. please post and tell what you find out
  5. thanks, i had planned on useing a gallon growler for each batch, to drink on the go, some glass swing tops for while at home, and 1 pet bottle so i can do "squeeze checks" to keep an eye on carbonation. as long as the MB growlers can handle the pressure then i will go on with my plan. i know thats quite mis matched for each batch, but i like to drink on the go without buying cheap beer tall boys.
  6. are growlers ok to bottle, cardonate, and condition in?
  7. Once again, i would like to thank everyone for all the good advice. I had read that new brewers should taste thier beer at different stages to learn the good of conditioning, and to learn what flavors will leave the beer over time. So, i tried one tonight. It was american light. It was much better then i exspected, it had only been carbonateing one week. But i was impressed at the flavor. I will be leaving it for at least another 3 weeks. It was somewhat cloudy and no where near ready but still good. i think i will try one a week to learn the difference. anymore advice would be great. i have two more weeks befor i bottle some aztec, so i will have to find a store that has bottles, i dont think i left myself enough time to order any from mr beer website. Although after this they will have a loyal customer from now on. Has anyone out there bought any of the growlers?? I was thinking about the 32 oz ones
  8. Oklahoma has some strange law too. For exsample any beer bought outside of a state regulated liquor store can only be 3.2 abv. Any "regular" beer can only be sold at room temp. So in short if you want cold beer it has to be weaker 3.2. A friend bought some off a military base, it was cold and had a normal abv.
  9. We should start a state brew club.
  10. First off I am also a beginner. I am only on my second batch. I was interested in the same thing, and i do not fully undrstand the math either. I have read alot of people add honey. I am not sure if they have the same goal in mind but i think i read around half cup. I just started a batch of the mexican cervasa, i added 1/4 cup of agave nector. I thought this would add flavor and bump the ABV. I also read somewhere the if you chase the flavor then ABV would come without making it taste cheap. But like i said i am very new at this also. that being said i wish you luck, and let me know how it turns out. Welcome to brewing! All it took was me seeing my mr beer box(was a xmas gift) and i was instantly hooked. And i ment to include that i limited my addition to only1/4 cup to be on the safe side
  11. I understand, brewing is still very new to me. Even in drinking I dont often buy good beer so I really dont know alot about it. I was very nervous to even make the addition that i did on this last batch, but that is why i only added 1/4 cup. Right now i have a seasonal blue moon, i didnt exspect it to be good as it is. It has hibiscus coriander and white pepper, not of which i exspected to taste good in a beer. I guess that shows my level of expierience!
  12. Will do, thanks for the input.
  13. I think i should be ok then, i installed both water heaters here in the house and i left then at factory settings of about 125 degrees. My LBK says its safe up to 140
  14. I am stil very new to brewing, so i am still useing the HME refills. I dont exspect my first couple bathes to be perfect as i am still trying to form a base line to compare to. I have one more refill left then i thought aboit trying some of the craft beers. Should i stick to the instructions, or should i branch out to some different ingredients
  15. Ok, so now after reading this i am kind of worried, i cleaned my LBK with hot steaming water. I used a cloth baby dieper and (as instuctios say) unsented hand soap. Will this be a problem? I inspeced it very well and there was no sign of any thing left inside, no smell not even an old beer smell after washing or drying. I guess my question is why warm water and not hot?
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