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  1. I just bottled my second batch - Bavarian Weiss - and I waited 3 weeks as instructed. However, like my last batch, there was still a cider taste to the beer. I could definetley taste the beer, but always a bit of cider. Is this common? Maybe just a sign of green beer? I want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong, since I keep hearing that it should taste like "flat beer".
  2. Good stuff, Rob. Dunkin Donuts gave me a couple buckets and lids for free. I turned one into a bottling bucket and it also works great even when bottling Mr. Beer batches. Just throw your sanitizer in there and the spigot makes it easy sanitize bottles. By the way, Lowes sells gromets and stoppers in case your LHBS is far away.
  3. Looking into 5 gallon batches and there are 6 gallon or 6.5 gallon primary buckets available. Is the extra half gallon that important? I understand the reason for head space, just not sure if it makes a difference either way.
  4. I added 1lb of DME (Briess Pilsen Light) to the Patriot Lager on Sunday and the fermentation has been strong ever since. I gradually mixed the DME into 4 cups of water as it was heating up and removed after reaching a boil. Then I added the HME and proceeded as usual. I'm really hoping this adds to the body of the beer, plus the ABV boost is nice. The LBK has a healthy krausen and the smell is pretty strong, so I'm guessing this one will need the full 3 weeks. Good luck!
  5. I live in St. Louis and it's currently 9 degrees outside, but my basement is a steady 60 degrees. I put the LBK in a cooler and keep it off the ground. I have no problem maintaining 66+ and, if it does start to dip, a soda bottle filled with hot water works great. Hope this helps.
  6. I am of absolutely no help to you, but that sounds delicious. Please post a follow up. I'm interested to see how it goes and, of course, tastes.
  7. Just bottled my first batch and started the next two, but I want to thank everyone on the forum. Had I not done my reading and taken your advice, I probably would have been a one hit wonder in the brewing world. Quick question regarding the Bavarian Weiss though; is it better to ferment at slightly higher temps to bring out the banana flavor? I shoot for 66F, but was thinking about going higher with this one. Any thoughts? Also how does this one stack up? Is it a good refill?
  8. Most everyone on here will tell you to use the 3 - 4 method. Good luck.
  9. How many carb drops does everyone recommend? I've heard that the Mr. Beer suggested amount is too much...I've checked out Screwy Brewers calculator, but looking for input. I was planning on using 1/2 drop for the 12oz bottles and 1 drop for the 750ml bottles. Is this enough?
  10. South County/Oakville. Are you still in St. Louis?
  11. I just passed the 2 week point in fermentation and the batch has a heavy cider taste. I'm hoping that another week in the LBK and four more in the bottle will soften this; but will it ever go away completely? Do most batches go through this "cider phase" or did I screw something up? I was paranoid about sanitation and my temperatures have been ideal. The only thing I can think of is that I didn't aerate enough. IMHO the Mr. Beer instructions don't stress enough how important it is to areate. I've read on here to stir until both arms fall off...but that was after I pitched the yeast.
  12. Head retention seems to be a problem the longer you've been married...especially if you have kids. Maybe that's your problem raiderrob!
  13. I've been fermenting at a temperature range of 64-68*F and was wondering if the fluctuation will have any bearing on the quality of the beer. I can easily keep it within this range, but can't seem to hold a steady temp one way or the other. Thoughts?
  14. Cold crash means putting the LBK in the fridge for 2-3 days at the end of fermentation before bottling. It should harden up the trub (sediment) and make it easier to bottle....or so I've read. This is my first rodeo, but I can't stop researching everything. I'm addicted.
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