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  1. also forgot to mention the batch has fermented to almost the top of the lid which is WAY more then the other batch I brewed at 70 degrees f after the first day
  2. Ok im Shure there is already a thread about this but I somehow cannot find it lol...ok so here I go first post. I got a free can of Oktoberfest lager from a buddy who got me into this whole brewing thing I've already made the American classic light because it came with the set I got for the holidays but any who, im making the Oktoberfest now at 66 degrees room temp because my thermo says its ideal yeah I know weird right? but anyway I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good specs as far as brewing/bottling/fridge time. the American light never stopped tasting like cider at 3/5/5 and a room temp of 70 still drank it because I like apples. but yeah ide like to know more of what your guy's opinions are on the brew just due to my inexperience. ive had maybe one dark beer in my day and well it was def not my thing but im giving it a whirl anyway I cant hate it if I made it right . so any tips on brewing this or any opinions on this batch in general would be greatly appreciated in fact any suggestions on Oktoberfest or patriot lager are welcomed
  3. old post, but Columbus area right here just joined just started.
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