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  1. my horses ass ale still tastes cidery and it was bottle back in feb, ill just give er another couple months before i try. but im finding that my patriot and CAL based beers ive brewed all taste a lil cidery. Im waiting to try the a beer I made with 1 can Patriot, 1 can CAL and 1 oz cascade. I just tasted the Spring White IPA with an added cup of honey and an oz of cascade commando and let me tell you it was AWESOME!! No way near an IPA but I would just call it a hoppy wheat beer, But it has turned out great. I cannot wait to try my Spring Dobblebock and Summer Saison once they're carbed and conditioned.
  2. Wait...Rick Beer, fermenting at 60 (or low 60s) in basement can make it taste cidery? My very first batch tastes cidery still but that was fermented at high 70's and I figured that was the attributing factor
  3. I live an hour north of London, Ontario and I can GUARENTEE YOU Mr. Beer DOES ship to Canada...at least ontario where I live. I have ordered from Mr. Beer 3 or 4 times since January, the shipping is fast and reliable. The only downside is that it is $20 some bucks Canadian to ship to canada. It is a one time fee so I usually make the order worth it by getting several refills ect. A great Brew Shop that ships all over that I have used and has the cheapest prices I can find it Canada is: http://www.ontariobeerkegs.com/Default.asp But they dont sell Mr. Beer refills but their LME, DME, Hops yeast ect are all great. Hope this helps
  4. 8 oz 60L Crystal malts steeped to 170 F 3 lbs of Golden LME (Light golden coloured pure malt extract syrup) 1 lbs Light DME 1 oz Cascade at 30 min boil 1 oz Columbus at 12 min boil us-50 Ale yeast 1 oz Cascade dry hopped commando after 2 weeks fermenting Cold crashed for 3 days Primed with organic Cane sugar Just sampled afte 3 weeks in the bottle. Tastes like a traditional american IPA very well balenced No head at all, but was not flat.
  5. thanx for the info, now I also heard that Nottingham Ale yeast could be a good yeast to use because its temps are for 57 - 70 something and can produce "lager like" beers here what my ocal brew websites descriptiong of the yeast is: "Nottingham -- A very versatile dry ale yeast. Great performance all the way through fermentation and able to cover a wide variety of beer styles. The Nottingham strain was selected for it's high flocculation and near full attenuation properties. Produces low concentrations of fruity and estery aromas. Described as a neutral ale yeast which allows for full natural flavour of hops and malt to shine through. Recommended fermentation temperature range between 14 to 21C (57 to 70F), with good tolerance to low fermentation temperatures (12C/54F) which also allows this strain to produce lager-style beer. Higher alcohol tolerance great for the creation of higher-alcohol specialty beers. The all-around dry ale yeast." would this be a good replacement?
  6. I was wondering the same thing about the nut brown ale if it was good with brown sugar, although I think Ill make the can i have as is. but if they dont run out of it by the next time i order it was something I had in mind. I just brewed the summer saison as is, although I hydrated the yeast according to yeast instructions instead of just pitching it as mr beer suggests, and after a few days fermentation has taken off wonderfully. Im really excited to see what it tastes like. anyone got any idea of what the 2014 summer seasonal might be?
  7. Just wondering if anyone has tried brewing the Dobblebock with an Ale yeast instead of the provided lager. You know for anyone who doesnt wanna maintain the lager temperature.
  8. oh i did and there is a replacement on the way already
  9. I just did a Patriot with American light and 1 ox of Cascade hops. I just boiled cascade hops commmando in water for a few mins that added the HME. Basically the powerful patriot recipe modified with more hops and of the cascade variety. Fermentation is going great almost a week in, Im hoping it turns out well and will let ya know.
  10. Yeah I dont have much patience either, I recieved a kit for christmas 2013, and have since bought 2 more kits, have brewed 4 batches now, bottled 3, bought to brew a 5th, and am creating a nice pipeline...I have yet to try anything yet. my first batch has only had a couple weeks of conditioning, and I wanna wait at least another month before I try it... the only plus is that ive been drinking lots of my favorite craft beer to get empties for all theses batches to hold me over for when the pipeline is finally ready
  11. I got the same problem, i was sent the incorrect LME PACK AND ITS THE golden wheat one. I was thinking of adding it a can of Classic American Light, and then maybe a little light DME with an oz of cascade or something. Im not sure what it will taste like, but I cant see it changing the flavor too much, would it? I was thinking that or maybe adding it to my Belgian Spice Ale, bc Im pretty sure its a wheat beer and assume the wheat LME would compliment it? anyone got suggestions? besides buying more kits, I cant justify it as I just got the seasonal 4 pack, the 2 4 1 patriots, and an CAL recently, so I got those to work with
  12. Yeah mine came with the Golden LME when the recipe calls for PALE LME. Just emailed customer service hoping they send me the correct one soon. I was really pumped to start brewing this soon!
  13. well tonight Im doing a dummy batch with just water in the LBK and doing the water bottle method in my rubbermaid. Im going to check temp in morning with meat thermo, and continue for a few days to see if this is a viable way to do it.
  14. UPDATE: Well I bottled the batch today, gave it a taste test and it tasted like beer with a bit of a cidery taste as well, tasted similar to the Horses Ass Ale recipe I made a few agos before bottling it. Im hoping this is just the signs of a young beer and the cidery taste will condition out. Also the spoon I used was not discolored in any way which might indicate that it was not stainless steel. I think I just got paranoid and this is a case of young beer. I also think the cup of honey added to the recipe might add to the cidery smell/taste any thoughts would be appreciated
  15. lol only warm in the summer and even then not so much, I live in Ontario and that is Lake Huron in the pic. Well I think bc its still cold enough (-18 Celsius) and its a constant 60 degrees I may try the cooler method or Rubbermaid way lol, I just have to acquire some temp stickers than can go below 62 F so I at least know what temp I got the whole time. but first I will try as rick suggested with a dummy batch of water first to get a baseline. Glad I bought another 2 LBKs n have one not in use yet lol I like the garage idea and it would be great but I don't have a garage lol
  16. I do have a cooler big enough to fit LBK but just barely and there would only be room for one maybe 2 frozen water bottles beside the nozzle end
  17. well I was just gonna use Rubbermaid as a cooler/ice box or whatever u guys call em. I do not have extra money to buy a fridge ect. One of the main reasons Im into home brewing now is that its cheaper than store bought beer (Remember Im in Canada where a SIX pack (not 12 this is an edit) of 12oz bottles is usually $13.99) . I was just curious if the Rubbermaid tub (maybe with a blanket wrapped around for extra insolation) would be enough to keep the LBK cool while surrounded by frozen water bottles, or ould u need a real cooler/ice box?
  18. Well I jut checked some water sitting on cold basement floor and it is at about 55F according to meat thermo. I was thinking the fridge the first couple days bc if my fridge is 45 wouldn't it mean its fermenting in LBK at 55? My main worry is just the first few days fermentation temps always go high for me the first couple days and0 then assume it would settle down to 55 (what my water sits at in basement) for the remainder of the fermentation. I don't have a cooler big enough for the LBK plus water bottles around it. but I do have a Rubbermaid large enough. You think the Rubbermaid alone would be enough insolation to keep temp inside it?
  19. Ya I just checked the highest temp setting has my water bottle reading at about 45 F. Would it be ok for the first couple of days to be in fridge since it is usually 5 to 10 degrees higher in temp? Im concerned now as how to keep it at 50? My basement temp keeps water at 60F Would just placing the LBK in a water bath inside a Rubbermaid be efficient at keeping it cool?
  20. Nice, now to just figure out how to get it set at 55 degrees F
  21. Well after feeling a lil low thinking I couldn't buy any mr beer refills for a while my wife surprised for my birthday with the Seasonal 4 Pack, including this years Dobblebock! Couldn't have come at a better time as I just brewed last years Spring White IPA and now I will have 2 great spring beers. My question is what would be a better way for the Dobblebock to be fermented in? I have a small beer fridge that may fit the LBK and as far as I know will probably go as low as 50, or should I do an ice water bath in a Rubbermaid or cooler? any ideas?
  22. Well it doesn't smell weird anymore and fermentation seems to have come along quite well. Still needs a lil time before I bottle. I think the cidery smell I was sniffing must have been from the honey or other fermentables or something Bc I got the same smell a few days into fermentation of the Mr. Beer's White IPA with added honey and hops, and I did not use a spoon to hold em down, just threw them in commando when making the wort. I'll keep updating on how it turns out.
  23. well I live in southern Ontario and I wonder what the wild yeast could be like here. Maybe I will try this sometime in the summer, not the lambic open vat style, but trying to culture a wild yeast or something. I just hope it don't taste like bigfoots d
  24. I would think that the HME would store longer than regular LME just because of the hops that are in it and I thought hops act as a preserving agent. Unless Im wrong
  25. Just curious if anyone has ever tried it before? I mean in the sense of open vat brewing. Would it be possible to do with the LBK? Just leave wort in with lid off for a few hours outside and let the natural wild yeasts do their work? would this work? I assume that is similar to how it was done back in the old days before they knew what yeast was
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