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  1. I went with the bohiem chef beer. I think American ale would also be good. I did cal with some DME and hopped it up. It was good like tha . Now the aztec I didn't care for.
  2. Add hops and malt. I did a 20 minute boil with a half oz of Zythos hops with a half lb of light DME, then added .25oz of Zythos at flame out. Came out pretty good. I also fermented it at about 65 degrees, used a cooler with ice packs to control the temp.
  3. I added a half pound of light pilsen dme. Then did a 20 min boil with .25oz each of Cascade, Columbus, and Centennial. With another .25 oz of Cascade at flame out, and dry hopped with a half oz of Columbus.
  4. Thank you for the replies. I have tried one of each now. The Orange Wheat needs another week, but the amped up Diablo is ready. I put 3 bottles of the IPA in the fridge. They are both at 3 weeks in the bottle, conditioning at 68 degrees. These are the two best beers I have made yet. Most of the ones I have made were ok to good. But these two have just turned out great.
  5. I have read on here, that IPA and Wheat beers are better when they are young. My question is how young? 3 weeks or 4, I have found that most of my beer has tasted it best at 8 weeks in the bottle. This is the first time I have made either of these.
  6. tekn50

    9th batch

    Well it seems to be at its best here at 8 weeks in the bottle. It didn't loose much of the hop addition either. From what I have made so far 8 weeks seems to be the magic number.
  7. Since this thread got revived, I just bottle mine tonight. Did a 20 minute boil with a half pound of light dme and .25 cascade, .25 centennial, .25 columbus. Then another .25 of cascade at flame out. I dry hopped it with .25 of columbus and .25 of centennial. It had a good citrus smell with strong citrus and pine notes. I bottled it in the 740ml bottles with 2 carb drops. I think this one will turn out well. Now I have read on here you should drink the IPAs early, around 2 to 3 weeks. Is it still ok to wait a little longer? This is my first IPA, all my other MB brews were best after 8 weeks in the bottle.
  8. tekn50

    9th batch

    They are good, wish I would of used more. They are like an all in one IPA hop.
  9. tekn50

    9th batch

    Tried one of these last night, and it is looking to be a decent beer. I think another week or two will be perfect. Most of mine I let sit for 6 weeks in the bottle before I crack one open. It is on the maltier side of life. I wish I would of added a little more hop flavor from the Zythos, I am a hop fan. They did their job though, they covered the POR flavor up nicely. I did a 15min boil with a 1/4oz and the other 1/4oz at flame out. Cant wait to see what 2 more weeks will bring.
  10. tekn50

    9th batch

    Just bottled this up today. It tasted pretty good for flat beer. The Zythos hops really helped this one out, cant wait to see how it is in 6 weeks.
  11. I have this one on deck. Glad to here yours went well. Makes me feel better about my choice.
  12. I was going to suggest something similar. Heat pad for reptile tank and a regulator to plug it into. Put that in a cooler, and adjust as necessary. I would set it up get some temps first. I just put mine in a cooler with a towel. The heat from fermentation normal is enough for me.
  13. There was a time when it was recommended to let it condition 6 to 8 weeks before drinking. Its hard waiting that long but its worth it.
  14. tekn50

    9th batch

    Tonight I made my ninth batch of MB. It is CAL deluxe with Zythos hops. I hope to cover up some of the POR hop flavor with them. I have it sitting in the cooler with a small blue ice pack. That should hold it around 65-68f. Hopefully this one comes out good. Had a couple of batches go south, one got hot, real hot. That is when I learned about the difference between air temp and wort temp. The other I dont know where it went wrong. I think somewhere in bottling, the sanitation mix was weak maybe. It has been a long year in a half of learning. Dave
  15. If your going for something like a smoked porter, try using the liquid smoke.
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