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  1. thanks guys for the info. think i need to purchase one of those good stick on thermometers. i brew in my basement where the air temp is between 64-68 so kind of figure the wort temp to be 4-5 degrees higher. as far as conditioning same thing with air temp 64-68 and the bottles have been there 8 plus weeks. guess i'll drink it up and go one. hey maybe i could pass this off to my neighbors as hard apple cider. still have a lot to learn. have a st patricks day stout going now thats 2 weeks into conditioning will see what happens just going to let that sit for another 6-8 wks.
  2. ok so i receive for xmas a mr beer refill kit(aztec and am.classic)which for whatever reason not very crazy about. these two brews i've made in the past and have done everything by the book or from everyones comments on this forum. sanitize, ferment 3 wks bottle and condition at least 8wks or more and still taste that green apple taste. it's not to bad but also not great. would the water i use to fill my lbk be it? straight tap water not refrigerated and chlorine low. so not to sure. i've made other brews and they seem fine. any suggestions. just wondering if maybe these standard refills are like this taste wise
  3. rick, it's not the second bottle just after the initial first pour of every bottle i've had the head is minimal it just that first pour for some reason that the head is way to much and i'm pouring slowly at anan angle. i've made four other brews and none of them had the head the nw pale ale had.
  4. thank you sir. that's what i was thinking but wasn't sure.my last batch i used 1.5 tsp and it seemed fine. now one other question if you don't mind. i made a northwest pale ale that i just finished drinking and it seemed to have alot more of a head than beer when i poured my first glass(every bottle) then it seemed fine when i refilled the glass, should i let these beer's rest when you open them?
  5. what is the correct amount of sugar(granulated) to use for the 740 ml bottle? is it 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 tsp. mr beer's priming sugar chart is confusing. received a brewing calendar the other day and for the 740ml bottle they say 2 1/2 tsp but the 750ml is 1 1/2 tsp suggestions here. also what is the max amount of time you can go for the fermentation process without the use of a hydrometer? i've been going the 3 week route with a additional 4-5 week s carbonation/conditioning and still have a slight cider taste is that the norm or should i continue conditioning longer?
  6. ok, so i bottled my belgian xmas ale today. one problem. during the three weeks of fermentation the spice sack opened up and the dried pieces came out expanded and floated around. no big deal until i bottled it when some of the pieces clogged the spigot so i had to open the LBK and lean the keg back(very slowly) so i could undo the spigot to get the pieces out then reattach and continue pouring. my question is did i contaminate my brew by opening the lid and cleaning out the spigot sure i may of gotten some trub in the bottles. info appreciated.
  7. i was also told by the mr beer craftmasters that you could use a tablespoon of unscented bleach with a gallon of cold water. tried it and it works. there was a very slight bleach smell at first but after a day or two its gone. so for whatever its worth. bleach is a sanitizer and cleaner just don't over do it. imo
  8. wow do you live in the upper midwest? i live in ohio and this has been one of the crappier winters we've had in a long time both with snow and temps. but my basement (man cave) are always nice. anyway i appreciate all the advice i've been given. stay warm my friend
  9. Okay so i'm reading some old posts regarding temperature ranges when making your beer. the Mr Beer instructions say between 68 to 76. well dumb and dumber here thought that was in regards to the outside temp(room) not in the keg. my basement is a consistent 66 to 70 and have two LBK going everything looks ok its been 3 weeks tomorrow for the first batch and 2 weeks for my second. there's about a 1/8 to 1/4 inch of trub on the bottom of both kegs so it seems like the process is going on should i have any concerns? and another question i have is how can you tell if your brew gets contaminated.
  10. bottling my american light classic tomorrow, its been 3 weeks and yes mine was clear in about the same time and also took a little sample and tasted it and it tasted like flat beer but wait for the 3 weeks. have one more week left to ferment my belgian xmas ale then going to bottle that, can't wait.
  11. wow, Jerry that's what my Belgian Christmas Ale kind of looked like when i started my fermentation little white pieces which i still have a bit floating around. if Rick Beer says it's ok then it's ok. the one thing i did that Rick says may contaminate is squeeze the LBK. I did that a couple times because i thought the smell did not seem right compared to my first batch of American Light which had no smell from the keg. guessing my second batch just had a stronger yeast not sure still trying to learn from all the posters. i guess i'll learn as i go. good brewing brother.
  12. appreciate it packerfan 87. geez guess your a packers fan. my daughter knows Jake Stoneburner real well from her days at OSU.
  13. just checking out my belgian ale xmas brew and right below the surface are some pieces of something i don't think should be in there. one looks like a little pea(smaller) sized piece and the other almost looks like a whole piece of clove. is this something that may of come from the seasoning packet that may of come out of it or is it contaminated. hate to ask these stupid questions. any advise would be helpful, i called customer service and they said send a picture tried it but my phone has a flash and it doesn't work on the brown keg.
  14. I started a batch of the Seasonal Belgian Ale Sunday. My question is after taking a look just now this brew seems to have more foam and bubbles than my starter kit with the American Classic Light, also looks like there was a little eruption that left a film of foam coating along the top of the LBK versus the American Light just leaving a film on the sides also a slight l smell around the keg, guessing some pressure release from the top that may be causing this any advice out there i followed all the steps.
  15. guy's thanks for the info. starting a new batch today, Belgian Ale.
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