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  1. A couple of months ago I did the Bohemian Lager over the yeast bed from the Patriot Lager. I used a lager yeast on the Patriot Lager. I just poured the wort over the yeast bed. Worked fine, great tasting beer. Upon further reading discovered that many consider this to not be a good process. There are tons of yeast washing and harvesting videos on youtube to describe and show how to reuse your yeast. You can also search washing yeast on this forum. Screwy Brewer has at least one article on reusing yeast. Good luck.
  2. Do you use the same amount of CO2 pressure as the 5 gal kegs?? I have a 2.5, a 3, and 3 5 gallon corny kegs. I treat all the same as far as CO2 levels go. I kegged two batches of Patriot Lager and both carbed and served beautifully.
  3. I tasted my first bottle last night. Nice color, like a watered down grape soda. Poured with a 1/2 inch head that lasted until about half the 12 oz glass was empty. Aroma was nothing special. First sip reminded me of fruit cocktail. Took a full mouthful. Can't really say that I tasted any blueberry. (I only used the fruit after one week in primary, racked over fruit in secondary for two more weeks). The taste was ok, I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. Had a bit of bitter aftertaste. If I was to do this again I would probably still use the fruit, but then look at using juice and or extract for more flavor. Nice experiment and I learned a bit. My next project will be a chocolate stout.
  4. Drank a Samual Smith Organic Chocolate Stout yesterday and loved it. I am sure this won't be a match, but I believe I will try this also. Thanks Gopher6 for sharing.
  5. I have my third all grain in the secondary soaking over some peach puree. The basic beer is an American wheat. I am using a Northern Brewer brew outside the lines kit to make a "Fuzzy Navel" beer. At bottling I will add a sweet orange tincture. Hope this turns out for me, my first attempt isn't real good. Drinkable with the addition of some bloody mary mix. Waste not want not! Good luck on yours, raiderrob.
  6. My first note to myself after my first attempt at all grain was to have plenty of both hot and cold water available to meet my temps. I have only done three myself. I read everything I could and watched most of the brew all grain videos on youtube. I guess my best advise would be to just go for it and good luck.
  7. That apple brown beery packs a punch. I have the pear cider that I need to do sometime. I am planning a cran-apple cider using the Mr Beer cider and cranberry juice. Welcome to the obsession and have fun.
  8. Keep us posted on this ome!
  9. That Patriot Lager is very good, probably the best yet. I almost picked up a couple cans today, but my brewing season is coming to an end. I will do an all grain American Wheat tomorrow. Then take a break until maybe September.
  10. Robert, I just did a blueberry blonde. I fermented one week,racked to a secondary with my puréed blue berries and fermented another two weeks. I sampled the hydrometer sample at bottling. Had in my opinion the perfect level of blueberry flavoring. I am guessing that had I added fruit at the two week mark it would have more pronounced. I am happy with my results. I will be taste testing a carbonated bottle for Memorial Day. Good luck with yours.
  11. I ordered the labels can't remember the name of the brand. They have templates on their website for each product. Only problem, you get access to the templates free for 3 months, then it is like 12 dollars a year. Oh well, nothing is free.
  12. I kegged the Patriot Lager and have had it force carbonating since last Friday at 10 PSI and 35 degrees. I know I should have probably let it condition at 65 for a few more days but I was impatient to try it. So last night I did. Nice color, perfect carbonation and tasted real good. This was the one with the lager yeast. Tonight I will taste the one with the ale yeast and then probably another sample of the lager. From the hydrometer sample I tasted a difference, now for the carbonated side by side.
  13. Nice setup. Not sure how much space you have, but I bought a cheap chest type deep freeze and a Johnson Controller. For a lot less you can buy an STC 1000 controller (19.29 and 4.95 shipping on Amazon) and using plans on youtube build a controller. Yes I know cost. And it does take up extra space, but this is what works for me. I think though, that like RickBeer, I am doing my last brew this weekend. I live in Oklahoma and it is getting ready to get hot. I will enjoy the beers that I have now until probably late september or even into October.
  14. I my self have only done two lagers and have a third fermenting right now. From my research you should do the d rest once the SG is about 3/4 from the FG, so you may be too late. I did not do a secondary on any of mine, just raised the temp to about 65 for a few days. Seems to have worked for me. I sampled one last night that I had kegged and it was great. Suggest that you do a google search on the d rest and see what others say. Good luck.
  15. Rick is correct, as usual. As an experiment I brewed 2 Patriot Lagers, one with the Mr. Beer yeast and one with Saflager 23. They are current being carbed in my kegs. The hydrometer test showed a cleaner tasting brew with the lager yeast (I brewed this at lager temps with a D rest). The ale yeast produced a maltier taste. Both tasted good. I will be doing an official carbed taste test this Friday. I currently have the Grand Bohemian Pilsner brewing the same way. Just finished the D rest on the lager yeast batch. Tasted a hydrometer sample, should be good.
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