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  1. To be honest fellas, I have no idea which yeast I used. I just used the yeast that was provided in the SpringBock Lager kit. The pre-taste before bottling had a good flavor so hopefully the beer turned out ok. Thanks again everybody. Ps. you all were right about the towel. It's better to change every couple of days.
  2. Hello fellow brewers, once again thank you all for your suggestions. You are not going to believe what simple technique I discovered in order to bring your keg down to Lager temperatures. I took a regular bathroom towel and soaked it in cold water, I then wrapped the towel around the keg, the evaporating water from the towel cooled the keg down 10 degrees. You only have to resoak the towel about every 3 days. It worked perfectly, I was pleasantly surprised. Simplicity at its best :-)
  3. Thanks everybody, the cooler idea is a great idea, I'll definitely try that next time. It's probably to late to try the cooler idea on this batch since it has already ben fermenting for a week. Wish me luck.
  4. Fellow brewers, I would like to know if I am screwed. I have been fermenting a lager for a week, the problem is I don't have a temperature controlled fridge. I put the keg in the coolest part of the house and cranked the AC up; the coldest I could get the keg is 65 degrees without freezing me out of the house. Is this batch done for? Can I salvage this batch somehow? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello fellow brewers, I just received my Spring Seassonal Dopplebock and it came with no instructions. I know the basic brewing steps but I don't know what to do with the LME packet that came with it. Do I add it to the boiling water with the malt? I just need to know when do I add the extra LME. Thank you.
  6. Hello again fellow brewers, it's me again the brewing rookie. How do you control the alcohol content? In other words, is there a way to make the beer stronger or weaker? Thanks in advance DJ
  7. Hello fellow brewers, I just received my Mr. Beer kit and am about to brew my first batch ever. I was wondering if you use sugar and carbonation drops, or just one or the other? Also, is one method better than the other? Thanks in advance DJ
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