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  1. I have spent over $250 on Mr. Beer brew batches. The first half came out fine. The past two did not ferment. I tested the yeast, it was dead. Mr. Beer states nothing about how long the yeast will last, or how to store it. There is an expiration date on the MHE can, several years out. I read their brew book and instructions, and did not see anything about yeast care. Mr. Beer wants me to buy more of their yeast. I said NO, and they should state info about yeast care and life expectancy. Anyone who has used baker's yeast, or similar, please reply. I can buy baker's yeast anywhere in town, and if it's bad, they will replace it for free. I thought about mixing the bad Mr. Beer yeast with good baker's yeast. Is it OK to mix yeasts? I know the flavor will be off. I just want to salvage the batches I have left the easiest way possible, and buy yeast I know will work, but not sink too much more money into this project.
  2. Thanks for explanation of Trub. Yes, I agree, sediment will occur whatever happens, but now understand much more if fermenting properly. I understand brewers yeast is best for beer flavor, but if I use bakers yeast just to salvage this batch, will it ferment properly and to about same alcohol content? I read on Wiki that yeast species were the same. Customer service @ Mr. Beer said bakers yeast is more alcohol sensitive. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your replies. While looking for TRUB, I can not see into the keg at all, so can not see bottom sediment. I shinned a bright light all around keg, but could not see inside. Now 11 days in the keg (72 F), I poured out a little 'beer' again, it is cloudy and slightly sweet, no alcohol. Not wanting to use the same old yeast, I bought some dry bakers yeast and tossed that in the keg. I read that dry bakers yeast is the same species used in top fermenting beers. I put in 2.4 gms, 0.4 gms more than provided by Mr.Beer recipe. Hope it works!
  4. This is my 8th batch, all previous batches were fine, but made a year ago. It has been 8 days in the keg, but it is not fermenting (normally they have mostly completed fermenting by day 5). The product I have been using is 2 years old (HME, booster, yeast), expires June 2014. I used the same steps as before, so don't believe there is contamination (but that is always possible). I am wondering if the yeast is no good. Is there a way to salvage this product? I am not interested in buying more and starting over again (I can buy Guinness Stout for less). I like to fix things and experiment. I love doing what others say is impossible, and I usually succeed. I was thinking about either: 1. Buying new yeast at the local store and adding it (I heard that Mr. Beer yeast is not the best, not enough, and can be old to begin with). 2. Empty the 2 gallons in a huge pot, bring to boil, cover and cool, pour back into sterilized keg, add new yeast. All comments are appreciated, THANKS!
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