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    been awhile

    It.s been almost a year since I have been one this site. I am doing all grain batches and couldnt be happier. I came back to order Albert Atomic Altbier I have found out they dont sell it anymore or I can'T find it on the website. I really enjoyed it. That one and the Apple Brown Berry were my favorites
  2. A very good beer, what hop substituion could you use instead of the Nelson Sauvin
  3. kdjc

    903 sugar on top

    I agree this will be in my beer rotation. I never was a big fan of IPA's but, I really have become a fan of this one.
  4. I put agave necture in with American Classic Light . Produces a beer that you can drink all day long. I usually make 4 gallon batches. I also boil cinnamon sticks in water before adding the CAL and agave.
  5. I love this beer!!!! It has only been in the bottle 2 weeks and is outstanding.You get a very nice lemon hit just from opening the bottle. excellant head retention that never went away and great lacing. I will make this beer over and over. I just need the ingredent list again to order again, Mr. Beer has really stepped up their game over the last few months. I didnt order any of the Rocket Brewery recipes and now I wish I had. Hope everyone that bought this recipe enjoys it as much as I do. Cheers
  6. problem has been fixed new keg and pear cider on the way, will send old keg back to MR.BEER to see if they can figure out what is wrong. Very pleased with customer service. I love the product and will continue to buy. Would have whatever happened
  7. the keg that is leaking has has many many kits through it. only on the one a few months ago did it start leaking. so it isnt something that needs sanded off. I contacted mr beer about this the customer service to transfer and replace spigot did that checked no leak and put on shelf. used my other two kegs first last night. got everything ready and put in keg no leak temp was alittle warm so let it sit til temp came down to pitch yeast. I then pitched yeast, cleaned up some things and went to put keg on shelf table was wet bottom of keg was wet. didnt touch spigot bump spigot. Wasted money.
  8. So not happy right now. The last time I had a batch in my LBK I lost half a batch of beer leaking from what I thought was a split in seam under spigot. Talked to someone in customer service. They told me I was wrong kegs are all on peice. they told me to change spigot after I transfered what was left of the batch. I had a new spigot that came with my bottling wand. I put on and have just been using my other 2 kegs. Today was a big brew day. I brewed the first two batches the diablo ipa and bewitched amber ale. Then mixed up hard pear cider. That one leaked all over table and floor from under the spigot. I knoe that it is not overtight or to loose.Had nothing to put it in to ferment so it leaked into sink. I am so beyond pissed off it is not even funny. Thank you MR BEER for letting me watch money flow down the drain. I love everything that they make just mad a quality of LBK.
  9. The scorpion sting smelled great!! I tasted it when i took my og reading. niceheat on the back of my tongue. I only used 1 1/2 scorpion peppers (med Sized). The yeast must like it because things are all kinds of crazy in the lbk.
  10. Who is going to order the Astronut Brown Ale that goes on sale the 20th. Me thats for sure! Been wanting to do a biab for awhile.Took the Summer off from brewing. Now that temps are dropping here in Iowa I have brewed a 4 gallon horses ass ale, Alberts Atomic Altbier ( again love this beer) the Octoberfest extract nothing added to it. Just ordered the Fesco chili lime. I am going to use Scorpian peppers in place of Jalapino. New name Scorpian Sting. Going to brew store this weekend to buy the ingredents of a creme ale.
  11. Decided to get one more brew in. Bought the chocolate porter. Got it for half price with the weekend sale going on. just going to tweek it to see if I can get better flavor out of it. If I can't it's cheap enough That i won't be out a bunch of money.
  12. kdjc

    bad reveiws

    I just went ahead and ordered the Choc. port. It didn't get very good reviews. Was wondering what could be done to make it taste better
  13. Well group this is goodbye til the fall months. With a job a garden to raise plus a son playing varsity baseball. Beer brewing will have to take a backseat for awhile. Plus it get to hot here in Iowa during the Summer months to worry about fermintation temps. I do enjoy the hobby and will start back up in the early Fall. I will be brewing a lot of Alberts Atomic Altbier. That will be my house beer from now on. The best by far that I have brewed.So long for a few months Have a great Summer .
  14. found some at Bass Pro Shop in a box with cerveza going to pick up in the morning.
  15. I agree any you don't want send my way. The only one that have brewed that I was disappointed with was the Classic American Light. The reason for that was I got in a hurry for it and didn't let it condition long enough.
  16. I wondered the same thing. I have a extra spigot. When i went to the brew store they had bottling buckets with the hole and no spigot. I noticed the spigot they sold for the bucket was 6.00 but also had two washers for each side of the bucket. Where as MR BEER spigots only have one washer. I spent the 6.00 just because of the extra washer.
  17. Yay looks like it's not and infection checked today. From what i can tell by shining a flash light into the keg. Did NOT take lid off. most of floaties have fallen to the bottom. MR BEER support told me yesterday that it was likely yeast rafts the had hop particals clinging to them. Keeping figures crossed. Only thing was support didn't like the Idea for beer sitting 3 weeks at all said no reason for it. I don't agree I will continue to do the 3-4-3
  18. Yes Zorak I had very good Krausen. I've got trub in the bottom. I think what happened is it's like you said yeast rafts that have hop particles on them because my hop sack came apart. I have no bad odor.. I do think I will transfer to another before I bottle I will put a coffee filter around my siphon to keep alot of crap out of my bottling bucket.
  19. My Apple Brown Berry. The ABV turned out to be in the high 7's . All i can say is wow this beer will slap you in the face. I tested it at 4 weeks was ok still had cider bite. At six weeks much improved taste. This is not a beer you want to sit an pound all night but, will be an excellent dessert beer. Will brew again.
  20. I will leave it alone for two more weeks. Any bad smell or weird thing growing limbs and I will dump it. If I have to dump it it will give me the excuse to start my 5 gallon batch blackberry wheat and to get my bottling bucket.
  21. It has been been in keg for one week. I have another that hasn't ever been used from the scratch and dent sale. that i could transfer to. It has no bad smells smells like a green beer.
  22. this is my Albert Atomic . Do I have an infection. I noticed this crap and saw the hop sack had a tear in it. to dump or not to dump that is the question I know I shouldn't have removed lib but had to get picture. big glob is hop sack
  23. I don"t know sounds like green beer. I just do 3 weeks in LBK them bottle and let sit 4 weeks. Some Beers might take longer let them sit another two weeks then put in fridge for three days.
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