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  1. I used no rinse cleaner that Mr. Beer sells. For all of my previous brews, I given the beer two weeks (per Mr. Beer instructions) in the LBK and never had this issue. I think after this experience, though, I may give it three weeks next time.
  2. Yes, I did, and it was. It also had what I thought was a somewhat unusual smell to it, kinda mediciny. But, it's been bottled now, so I'll find out if it is good in a few weeks.
  3. Tonight, I bottled my Bavarian Weissbier, which had been in the LBK for 15 days. When bottling, it was pretty foamy. This is my sixth batch I've brewed with my Mr. Beer kit, and I have never seen foamy beer when bottling. Has anyone else experience this, and if so, did the beer turn out ok? Thanks in advances for your responses.
  4. Yes...I stirred the hell out of it before pitching. Aeration is not an issue!
  5. On Saturday night, I brewed a batch of Bavarian Weissbier using the deluxe refill kit. I checked on it this morning (it has been about 38 hours since I pitched the yeast.) I've noticed some krausen on top, but there appears to be a decent amount of sediment on the sides toward the bottom of the LBK and not so much on the bottom itself. Has anyone else had this happen, and if so, did the beer turn out ok?
  6. Has anyone tried using a Brooklyn Brew Shop mix with a Mr. Beer kit? If so, did you have any luck?
  7. It's been about an hour since I added the yeast. Should I open it up and stir, or just leave it be?
  8. Please excuse my noobness, but I think I may have made at least somewhat of a serious mistake. When brewing my first batch (Classic American Light), after adding the wort to the keg, and before adding the yeast, I forgot to stir. Will this seriously affect the quality of my beer? Any input is welcome. Thank you!
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