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  1. Welcome Miked22! are you currently brewing anything?
  2. HI All! Born and raised London, Ohio. Currently living in Springfield, Ohio. My first batch of Classic American ale completed just last week. Learned quickly that patience is a virtue LOL took a couple bottles and placed them in the fridge over night after a couple days after carbonation completed. when I popped them open, they had great carbonation, but was very yeasty smelling and tasting and very fizzy, almost like soda pop. they were drinkable, but I was hope I just jumped the gun and this was not how the final product should be. So I began an experiment. as a couple days passed, I would place 2 more beers in the fridge and try them the next night. There was a significant change in the beer each time I did that, FOR THE BETTER!! I was so happy and amazed how just waiting can make so much a difference. The flavors started smoothing out, the beer itself cleared up, the yeast flavor and smell dissipated and it developed a good foam head to it. My second batch is currently fermenting. I'm taking a go at an Apple Brown Beery. So far so good! I'll be more patient this time around LOL Nice to meet you all here! Are there any homebrewer clubs or groups in mid ohio???
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