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  1. I plan on letting it sit a bit at about 55 degrees. The bewitched is near an 8% when done and well worth the wait! Thanks
  2. So if I prime the keg immediately after filling this should also cut time to mature? what psi do you recommend priming the tank at? I plan on using 3 gallon ball seal tanks
  3. Well that's the big question then. I plan on letting it sit for atleast 8 weeks (maybe more) before I tap the keg. Earlier this spring I made 6 gallons of bewitched and it wasn't bad after bottling and leaving sit for 10 weeks, but after a let it sit for 5 months the result was staggering.....literally! If I really don't need the sugar I would just as soon leave it out. Still don't know if I should add or not?
  4. I've read in separate threads that if you are kegging your beer and using a CO2 canister to carbonate through a kegerator you don't need to add priming sugar/tabs when placing in keg. Is this true or do I need to use sugar as usual in the keg itself?
  5. The recipe looks good but I wouldn't want to make it too hoppy plus leave out the ginger. Any suggestions on the hops as I will be brewing 6 gallons?
  6. Cool! I'll try it. Tx.
  7. Ok so I think a little honey and orange peel will definitely help out the CAL, but for argument sake, how much orange peel is too much for a 6 gallon batch?
  8. This recipe looks pretty good, I think I'll try it. Tx.
  9. Made the CAL a few times and not bad for a starter kit but would like to add a little something as I have a few CAL refills to use up but don't want to waste it! Any suggestions?
  10. Just curious to see if anyone has used sweet orange peel in the BeWitched Amber Ale, or the American Classic Lager that comes with most starter kits? Thanks!
  11. I was afraid of that. My basement is 62 to 64 degrees, so is that too cold or will I need to find a spot that is a few degrees warmer?
  12. Getting ready to start my first batch and due to the cooler temps in my basement I would like to place my container in a middle bathroom closet in our house. The closet is nearly empty, has plenty of shelves and is the warmest room in the entire house and is around 70 degrees all the time. During the fermentation process will the gasses given off cause an odor that the wife will notice and make me move to another location? Once the process starts, in no way do I want to disturb or interrupt in any way my container until the time comes to bottle and condition. Thank you in advance.
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