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  1. ive done 4 batches of Mr Beer now. Two C.A.L brews wich I gotta admit I found way too weak tasting. My last 2 batches have been the American Ale wich both came out quite nice. It was a lot darker than the C.A.L with a lot more taste :-) I cant get the Mr Beer booster down here in Oz so ive been user the Coopers brew enhancer instead and it has been working good. Next ill try the Patriot Ale wich ive got about 4 cans of. Just a question for you beer experts, I know if you use a Coopers brew kit that you let your beer ferment for about 7 days. But in a Mr Beer kit you let it ferment for 2 or 3 weeks. The Coopers Cans are double the size of a Mr Beer Can, so if you were to use half a can of Coopers in a Mr Beer kit, do you let it ferment for 7 days or do you still let it sit for about 3 weeks ?????? Any help would be great thanks.
  2. I actually stopped on the way home from work and got a couple more today. SHOCK HORROR !!!!! they had upped the price to $1. All that was left was C.A.L and the Porters so I grabbed a few CALs . Even at a dollar its pretty dam good :-)
  3. Correct Rick, it was 1.010. Cos this is my first ever home brew of any kind I guess I was just trying to find a happy medium between doing it exactly like the Mr Beer instructional DVD said but also using some of the forum users helpful experience as well. If the 15 days and the hydrometer reading doesn't leave me with a nice drinkable beer, then next time i'll know to just wait for 3 weeks. This forum is a great help for anybody starting out :-)
  4. My first batch wich I bottled on the weekend was in the fermenter for 15 days, it was the C.A.L. On the 14th and the 15th day I got exactly the same reading of 10 with a hydrometer so I bottled it. That should be OK shouldn't it??? Smelt OK and tasted like flat beer.
  5. Being new to the world of home brew im more than happy to just use Mr. Beer standard refills for now. But for future reference ive got a question. If I was to use another brand of beer refill ( a 1.7kg refill ) and just use half of the can so it was still 850 gram like Mr Beer refills are , would I have to half the yeast satchel that came with the bigger can as well?
  6. I gotta admit it was pretty hard getting a Mr Beer kit down here. Took me a while to find the one I have, as they only seem to have a few on sale around fathers day. Was at a Target store the other day and although they don't have the Fermenter kit in stock anymore they did have the leftover refill kits going for 50 cents each :-) :-) That makes for pretty cheap beer in anybodys language :-D , and great for a newbie in case I make a few mistakes at first it isn't really going to be a waste of money. I picked up 2 C.A.L , 3 American Ales, 4 Patriot Lagers for a grand total of $4:50 LOL All have plenty of time left on the use by dates. The only other type they had that I didn't buy was American Porter. Whats the Porter like?? Should I grab a couple while theres still a few left? How do you guys rate the Porter refill.
  7. I keep Mr Beer on a low kitchen shelf out of sunlight . I put one of those stick on thermometers on the fermenter. For the first 7 days I have had a very constant temp of about 72 at night and 77 during the day. I hope these temps are OK. I guess I was planning on keeping it in the fermenter for about another week and a half before bottling?
  8. Thanks Peeps. Some good advice there. Cheers.
  9. 3 days ago I started brewing my first ever home brew. Very excited to see wether I can get a good batch first up. Glad yours went well. Congrats ,Enjoy :-)
  10. Thanks for the tips . I agree as im new at this I will keep it really simple for now and just stick to the basic ingrediants. Yes Coopers down here do own Mr Beer, but at the moment they only seem to be on sale at Target stores and are only a "seasonal item" . so basically they sell them around fathers day and that's it :-( . I can get the can HME refill with the yeast under the lid, but that's about the only Mr Beer accessories available . Coopers website don't sell the stuff either. So whenever im confident enough to add anything to BOOST the beer im gonna have to rely on somebodys knowledge to add the right amount.
  11. Hello all. First time on this forum and currently doing my first home Brew in a Mr Beer :-) Im in Australia and find it a bit tricky finding the Booster Packs. If I wanted to boost the Alcohol content a little what would I add? and what would be the correct amount to add? Im totally new to home brewing so I thought this might be a good place to find Mr Beer experts :-p Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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