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  1. Hi all- I've brewed two Mr. Beer batches now- 1 Czech Pilsner (ale yeast) and 1 Turncoat IPL (lager yeast). Both turned out "good" but not "great", however, I am more concerned that when I've poured either of them, I don't get a nice foamy head that I would expect. In fact, I get barely anything- certainly nothing sustainable. Now, I can pour any commercial brew and get nice foam every single time- why don't by Mr. Beers have any foam at all? Is there something that I can add to a batch to increase it? Perhaps I've missed this in an earlier thread. Thanks-
  2. Thanks for the input- I think I was leaning towards keeping the bottling temp the same as the fermentation temp as you mentioned. From what I've gathered, if I keep the bottles closer to room temp considering the lager yeast used, there could be chance for off flavors. Time is certainly a factor and it will be very difficult not to drink this batch too early. I just needed some confirmation I guess--
  3. Hi all, I received the Turncoat IPL recipe as a birthday gift-- I have only brewed a single batch of the Czech Pilsner with great success. The IPL is quite the jump from the simplicity of the Pilsner! I have the batch started and am maintaining a good temperature (10-13C) from what the recipe calls-- I am planning to ferment for 3 weeks with a slight increase in temp the last 3 days or so. My question is: do I continue and bottle this batch, and "lager" it at a lower temperature (true lager) for 4 weeks, or do I treat it like an ale and let the bottles sit at the yeast fermenting temperature? I've read that the hop character can be diminished if lagering is carried out too long, such as with the said 4 weeks-- but then again, there isn't too much info on this that I can find. Any input here would be most appreciated!
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