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  1. I've read about this in a few posts, but I've done a few different things, classic light, classic light with booster, classic light with pale lme. Sanitize everything I use, follow directions to a T, 4 weeks in lbk, 3-4 weeks in bottles, they all have a ciders taste to them. What am I doing wrong or what is going wrong? Here's the kicker, my two most recent batches, classic light with booster and classic light with pale lme, drank a bottle after only two weeks of being bottled, amazing, was very happy, but another bottle at 3 weeks and 4 weeks I had the ciders taste again. Does how long you believe a bottle in the refrigerator matter? I had a bottle in long enough to get cold, and had a bottle in for 3-4 days, both cidery tasting.
  2. Which is better? Not necessarily for different beers but if i'm just using american light, straight directions, 1 can HME, does the beer taste or perform better with a pale LME softpack or using just a booster? Or does anyone have better results without using either? I'm new and I figure I'd ask for input before I make all 3 to test, without, with booster and with LME haha. Thank you!
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