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  1. I have done this recipe with LME instead of the DME. The last batch, I added chocolate and raspberry extracts at bottling and am pleased with the results after about 8 weeks in the bottle.
  2. I use a couple of old 12 oz coke bottles for this purpose. I have not had any issues due to light. I keep them in a box in the closet, then into the fridge. So far the light in the fridge has not caused any problems.
  3. Another reason it is very handy to use a fridge or freezer with temp controller to ferment in. Set it and forget it.
  4. I brewed this one before I learned about temp control. It got warm during fermentation and took a while to clean up the off taste, somewhere around the last bottle. Even with the off flavor it was a tasty brew. I was planning to pick up a couple more during the current sale.
  5. The only mr beer bottles I have had do this were the 500ml. about half have done this and I have never had a 750 do it (yet). I carb at the same rate for both the 500 and 750. I think the problem is the bottles, not your processes. Distended and not distended bottles taste and appear to be carbonated the same.
  6. I to only drink a few a week, but at 3-4 beers a week your 11 (assuming the kits 750ml) bottles will be gone before the next batch is done fermenting, especially when you share with friends. My first reorder included extra bottles. Trying to time the completion of fermentation with the availability of the original 11 bottles and then having to endure another 4 weeks of conditioning was more than this impatient guy could handle. I now brew 2 batches at a time and have enough bottles for about 8 batches.
  7. For me it's about half a can of Bud.
  8. I made this last year and was very pleased with the results. As a bonus my wife liked it too.
  9. peanutman, Don't know if you have checked out the local LHBS's. Homebrew Headquarters on Coit just north of beltline carries MR Beer HME. The guys there are very helpful as well. Worth the drive. Winemakers Toy Store on I35 did not impress me with their customer service. although a decent selection, especially wine. They also have a few Mr B refills.
  10. Check out the collaboration recipes. As close to a clone as you can get.
  11. To anybody who has brewed this already. The description refers to a hint of aniseed. Sounds like there may be some licorice flavors/aromas. If so how much?
  12. FYI: Its back up to $24.95 this morning. Had it in my shopping cart last night but ran out of time to actually place the order.
  13. Just stopped by a craft brew store and found a 22 oz bottle of this for $8.99. The recipe is a bargain.
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