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  1. I was wondering which Coopers extract would be the same or close to Mr. Beer American Ale. Thanks!
  2. Not too fruity for my taste buds. Sometimes its hard to obtain fruit flavor in your beer from fruit which is why some people use extracts. I've never used dry fruit but I have used strawberries soaked in vodka.
  3. I always add two cans of fruit one week into fermentation no matter what the directions say.
  4. You will need to cut a small piece of flexible tubing and connect one end to the wand and gently push the other end to the spigot on the LBK.
  5. You should condition for at least at month. Most people here follow the 3-4 method. 3 weeks fermenting 4 weeks conditioning.
  6. What can the Mr. Beer yeast handle? I was going to make Surly Dog IPA which is 8.8% according to the recipe. I was thinking of using one or two packs of Mr. Beer yest instead of purchasing the US 05. Any thoughts? This might be a question for someone at Mr. Beer. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  7. Give it a try and let us know how it turns out. I'd like to know.
  8. I guess you probably could. Just make sure you sanitize it. You can also go commando like I do. I don't use a sack for anything except to steep my grains. I know the language here will probably spark some comments.
  9. I use Domino Dots. Just drop one in each 12 oz bottle. No muss. No fuss.
  10. The Surly Dog IPA picture shows 2 packs of centennial hops and one pack columbus, but the product information states 3 packs of columbus hops. It also states that it is supposed to be similar to Flying Dog Brewery – Centennial IPA. Which is it? Thanks in advance for your response. Probably a good question for Josh or someone else at Mr. Beer.
  11. You are welcome. You have nothing to loose by trying the Chantilly Lace recipe. I've made over 30 Mr. Beer batches and have only made the same recipe twice, which was a creation of my own, because SWMBO (she who must be obeyed if your not familiar with that one yet) likes it.
  12. I made the Chantilly Lace recipe. It was similar but better than a Blue Moon in my opinion. I was actually thinking about making it again. It's a simple but tasty recipe.
  13. So for the Mr. Beer yeast would 70 be a good temp to try and achieve this?
  14. Thanks Josh. In your humble opinion which recipe do you think would be more of what I am looking for. The old Who's your Hefe of the new Whispering Wheat. I'm not liking what I read about the tartness of the WB 06 yeast.
  15. Thanks Anthony. The WB 06 yeast that the Whispering Wheat calls for is supposed to give it its banana and clove flavor. Some say that is is also tart which many dislike about this yeast. I think the higher end of the fermentation range gives off more banana and vice versa. Using the yeast you did probably changed the final product some. Not sure if the Mr. Beer Wheat yeast used in the old Who's your Hefe produces the banana and clove flavor I am looking for. Maybe Josh could help with this one.
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