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  1. I would be careful about using buckets from a hardware store even if they have the number 2 on the bottom. They are not in the food business. I use 5 gallon glass carboy's for double batches.
  2. I did the summer blend a double batch in a 5 gal carboy for three weeks and it did the same thing. Being higher ABV was a bit hoppy after 4 weeks conditioning but after 6 weeks has turned out great expanding my experience with beer I have not done. You should be ok but may need to let its condition longer than 3 weeks and be sure to give it 3 days cooling before trying it.
  3. Thanks Rick yes for the 5 gal bucket I only plan to use the normal 2 batches and I was thinking it would need the extra space so 4.26 gal will be all that will be in it.
  4. Putting two batches of the same mix in a 5 gal bucket would I still use both yeast packets?
  5. Thanks dfwddr I will do my best to try and get by there.
  6. I used the carb drops on my first two LBK's (3 weeks fermenting and 4 weeks conditioning) and was not so impressed. Beer was good and drinkable but for my next two LBK's I have done batch priming with cane sugar and can't wait to see how much difference that makes.
  7. Nashville now has a new brewer! Me! HaHa just funning and enjoying learning to make my own home brew beer from Mr Beer. I have been so stuck in a rut with drinking only one commercial beer because I decided I liked it. Mr Beer has introduced me to the many options I have at a cost I can live with. Swenocha maybe one of these days I can take a tour but as many people work keeps me running all the time. However I do have some freedom in my job to leave for an hour or two and do work downtown Nashville. Drink Up! I do love my beer!
  8. Thanks guys my PLD showed 4.7 ABV and I ended up with 4.1 so now knowing that while I learn more I will also know what to expect. Drink Up!
  9. Has anyone found that the estimate for ABV from Mr Beer is just a bit high for what you end up with?
  10. Thanks all and gratz to you coolwhip.
  11. Thanks to everyone guiding me to the 3 weeks fermenting and 4 weeks conditioning my first CAL did not turn out bad at all! Carbonation is good for a lite beer and taste is what to be expected with a low ABV beer. It was very hard to wait the full 7 weeks but after all the advice I got on this site I had to wait. It was worth it for my first beer. Thank you all, see the picture below.
  12. Thanks it is an older full size.
  13. Nice set up you have going there fro now I have to condition in a box and am hoping its going to be close enough to the right temps. I am letting them condition for a full 4 weeks before I even try one. Keep on brewing! :-)
  14. Thanks RMG have been looking for a wire to cut up and use but not sure on the size. Most things I have read say use 14 guage wire but a fridge power supply is normally on a 12 guage. Any thoughts?
  15. Having not brewed the Winter Dark Ale yet I ask if after pitching the yeast would it be best to try and keep the temp down for the first two days to better control the over flows?
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