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  1. Thanks johnbe, I'll tinker with it.
  2. Thanks johnbe. I found them. Did you add extra sugar? The instructions advise that up to 3 cups can be added, but they don't say when to add. I suppose when making the must. I have my first batch of beer fermenting now, it's been in the keg for 2 weeks, I'll give it another week before bottling I think, then I'll try the cider. Good luck with your first batch & thanks for the information. Arje
  3. I just received my Home Brewing Hard Cider mix but no instructions were included for brewing it. I assume that the beer brewing instructions included with my Mr. Beer kit will be sufficient, substituting the Archer's Orchard hard cider mix for the hopped malt extract. Is there anything else I should do that might differ from beer making instructions? Or is there a video, or set of instructions available?.
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