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  1. Anyone try Deluxe Patriot kit with Falconer's Flight hops? Any good?
  2. Sounds like perfectly good fermentation to me.
  3. I grew up near Detroit Lakes so the rivalry between the Gophers fans and Nodaks (as we called them) was always fun. Will be sad to see that not be a regular thing on the schedule again for a while.
  4. Yeah, the first few days it was going to town in there, frothing real nicely. Smelled good as well, maybe I'm weird.
  5. IME, wort temp tends to be a bit lower than air temp, maybe 2 degrees or so. The exception is that during the first few days of fermentation the temp might be 4-8 degrees higher than air temp. However, with my batch after the initial frothing and bubbling stopped after 3-4 days the temp stabilized at room temp minus about 2 degrees.
  6. Sounds like most people have a CAL that comes out a bit watery and sweet given it is a light APA with no extra LME or anything in it. Not to mention sometimes you need 6 weeks of conditioning.
  7. Got it. will check again in a couple days see if it matches up. Thanks!
  8. Also should note I followed directions exactly in the brewing portion. Initial wort temp when yeast was pitched was 70 on the nose. Kept 62-66 most of the fermentation after the initial few days when it got up to 70-72 for a little while. Hopefully those temps are OK.
  9. Hello, I brewed it two weeks ago today, tested it with a hydrometer and it came out about 1.009, between the 09-10 lines. Temp is about 64, so that comes out at 09-10 still I think with the adjustment. So, if I have it right it should be done and ready to bottle. Tasted it, and surprisingly, tasted pretty good. A little watery like you'd expect from a light APA style beer but it was definitely flat beer tasting with maybe a little cider hint. So, am I good to bottle or should I ferment for another week? Will the slight cider taste go away with another week of fermenting?
  10. If you were using spring water off the shelf of a store you 'd be fine but since you're talking used empties that you will be filling with tap water, it's a good idea to sanatize them just in case.
  11. Looks like you figured out the 3-4 after the first batch. As for the basement, I think that generally speaking the yeast that comes with the Mr. Beer kits is probably fine from 60-75 degrees but that's the wort temp, not the room temp. Typically, in my house, the room temp upstairs is 64-70, 64 when we are not home and 70 when home. However, IME, the wort temp will tend to be a little cooler than air temp so 62 could be on the very low end of workable, so you will want to monitor that.
  12. The forums may not be the best but Mitterrand forums might suit you better. The rest of the site and service seem good to me though, certainly not anywhere near worth stop ordering from them , but each their own.
  13. Chances are you are fine, so long as it wasn't at 80 for an extended number of days. I think most of Mr. Beer's "Pilsners" don't actually use pilsner yeast so it should be fine at higher temps (still 80 is a little warm). I'm not familiar with Pilothouse Pilsner but if it is like other Mr. Beer pilsners then it should be OK.
  14. Yup, I put my LBK in a storage tub just in case it got a little wild.
  15. If you mean the cap on the top of the lbk then there probably isn't anything wrong. Sometimes your fermentation will go a little wild and overflow a bit. There are holes in the top where the cap goes on to allow air to escape. You are probably just fine.
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