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  1. Next time u do this maybe try a Lil of both DME and dextrose. Like 1/2 pound of each. 3/4 pound of DME and 1/4 dextrose
  2. I started brewing in Feb and now I have 11 different beers aging. And I for one love having more then one beer to chose from have about 6 that are good to drink...my favorite to date is a Coopers Canadian Blonde dry hopped with 14g amarillo.... i have a Australian pale ale and a English bitter fermenting right now
  3. I think I'm going to try a patriot lager tonight that has been in the bottles for about 2 and a half months
  4. I don't batch prime the mr.beer because it's only 8 liters so it takes no time to bottle prime...but to bottle prime my 5 gal takes to long to do that and is much easier imho to batch prime and give you a move even carbonation
  5. I think that's a great to dry hop half to see the difference
  6. I did a Coopers Canadian Blonde with 700g Dextrose, 500g golden light DME, 225g Maltodextrin brewed to 21Liters I let it ferment for two weeks dry hopped with 14g Amarillo for the last 3 days....tasted after being in bottles for 2 weeks and they were great. and of course still getting better everyday...it's actually probably one of the best beers I've ever had!!!
  7. I only have one LBK but I also have a 5 gal fermenter and a 5 gal bottling bucket. But so far I have been bottle priming my mr.beer kits and batch priming my 5Gal Coopers kits..and when I batch prime I boil the amount of dextrose I need in a cup or two of water for a few minutes the add it to my bottling bucket and then siphon my beer into it and give it a gentle stir. Then just bottle
  8. Yes, I was brewing a 5 gal batch before I even bottled I'm first Mr. Beer kit and now I have brewed 8 batches since Feb
  9. No bag, I just through the pellets right in the fermenter...but I used a hop sack around my auto siphon when I was batch priming to keep as much sediment out as possible
  10. The brew that I dry hopped was a Coopers Canadian Blonde I brewed it to 21L I added 500g golden light DME, 700g Dextrose, 225g Maltodextrin.....dry hopped for 3 days with 14.2g of Amarillo petted hops..
  11. Not much for interesting stories but all my brews so far have turned out great. Just bottled my first batch of dry hopped beer a week ago..and waiting patently to try a batch of Canadian Blonde I bottled on march 22.
  12. I think I will leave this one in my Lbk to ferment for 4 weeks.
  13. I know ive been fermenting everthing for 3 weeks now and conditioning for atleast a month....but had to try them at different time so I would know this cider/green taste everyone was talking about
  14. Its been a month in bottles now so I just cracked one...it was my first brew so I have tried a bottle at 1,2 and 4 weeks wanted to see the difference in taste.
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