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  1. Have you found it easier to do one or the other? I'm just thinking about whether or not it's worth the extra time / mess with the MrBeer sized batches to even both with batch priming,
  2. @Foothiller: You sir are a gentleman and a scholar; I oddly never thought of using smaller or plastic bottles for my testers and have subsequently purchased some Fruli for my family members to enjoy and plan to re-use the 250ml bottles for trubbies / testers! I too suffer from an over filled fridge so the coldest room (the cold storage area with a temp of 7-11C) has to suffice for my poor attempt as making the beer cold before space is available in the fridge. Cheers, TorBrewer
  3. Likely a combination of B and C, especially if you don't taste anything off in your sample. Moving the LBK can and has caused some blobs of trub / coagulated protein to rise from the depths of my lbk to float at the top.
  4. Ahhh nice; I've been using bags with all my hop additions and found that I don't get as strong a hop flavour profile as I'm expecting. This has worked out to my benefit with the weissbiers brews but not so much with my IPA / other ales. I'll have to give the auto-siphon with the hop sack around a try (never though of doing it that way!) . Btw how are you batch priming? Do you have a second LBK?
  5. @Foothiller: Thanks once again for the answers; I also usually do a taste every week (leaving me with not a lot of the end product) but find it gives me a good picture of what where my brews are heading. Now that you answered my questions, I've got more for you XD: 1.) How long do you suggest keeping them in the fridge for before you test bottles? 3 days or a week? I've been doing 3 days at 4C for my tester bottles and a full week for the finished stuff I plan on drinking. I found that US-05 seems be ok at 3 days but the Mr Beer Fromunda yeast needs a full week before the yeast profile really settles down. 2.) With regards to priming sugar amounts; what do you recommend for a hefe? I've found that the mr beer recommend amounts with dextrose seem to be actually pretty good to my tastes but have found that commercial beers are slightly more carbonated (1tsp per 500ml). Cheers, TorBrewer
  6. @Brian N.: This is exactly what I needed to hear! I brewed a batch of Oktoberfest about a 2 months ago and planned on waiting till October to actually drink the beer. Now I just need to find several other beers to drink while I'm waiting!!
  7. I was hoping someone more experience would answer you but I'll give you my 2 cents for what its worth; From the reading I've done on lagers / lager yeast; you seem to be near the FG for your style of beer (1.013) so barring any issues from sanitation / infection or over priming; you'll likely not get any bottle bombs but you may have missed an opportunity to let the larger yeast clean up some things (diacytl, DMS, hydrogen sulfide and other potentially nasty aromas in the lager). Here's some things that may help you improve your beer: Did the beer taste buttery when you bottled? 1.) Try a diacytl rest - raise the temps slowly to 55-60F for 24-48 hours. Don't know if this'll work in the bottle after priming sugar has been added. (re: http://www.howtobrew.com/section1/chapter10-4.html) Proceed to "lager" the beer at temps 40F or lower for 4 weeks to 6 weeks. It appears many brewers end up having to re-add more larger yeast when bottling so you may be in luck in terms using the yeast you had in the beer to carb / clean up any bad stuff. I would pop open a bottle after 4 to see how it is coming along. Hope this helps! Cheers, TorBrewer
  8. @Foothiller: Thanks for the answer; would you recommend still going the 3 / 2 / 2 (or 3/4) week route with WB-06 / a Hefeweizen? Cheers, TorBrewer P.S. I wanted to add that the hydro sample was pretty awesome. My favourite commercial hefe is Weihenstephaner and this sample tasted pretty darn close. The brew was at 23.5-24C for 3 days and then gradually brought down to 20-21 for the rest of the days.
  9. Nice to hear that so many Ontarians are taking up the hobby! I've got two LBKs going atm and was thinking of getting a third for batch priming but am running out of space to put my stuff lol.. Here's a few things I've brewed since I first started in early Feb: - Classic American Light (3.1%abv, was ready after 3 weeks in the keg / 4 in the bottle at room temps) - Who's your Hefe / Bavarian Weissbier Deluxe + Carapils (4.5% abv, 2 weeks in the keg / 5 in the bottle at room temps; all gone lol) - Oktoberfest Deluxe w/ Carabelge (5.1%, 3 weeks in the keg, now on 8 weeks in the bottle. Tried a bottle at 6 weeks and it strangely wasn't carbonated enough). - Basic Brewing 15 minute IPA (6.5%, all DME + Simcoe hop brew. 4 weeks in the keg, now 4 weeks in the bottle. Have a tester in the fridge, will likely let this one ride out for atleast another 4 weeks). - Classic American Light Deluxe w/ carafoam (4.1%abv, stepped in some carafoam for more head retention. did 2 weeks in the keg and about 2 week in the bottle. Going let this one go for another two weeks before I even taste one) - 30 Minute Hefeweissbier (Hallertau) (5.6%abv, 2.75lbs of wheat DME + WB-06. So far 10 days in the keg and its full attenuated! Excited to test this one out and will likely bottle at 2 weeks and then carb for another 2 week before doing some early tasting. Hydro samples taste AMAZING.) -30 Minute Hefeweissbier (Hersbrucker) (4%abv, 2.25lbs of wheat DME + WB-06. 5 days in the keg so far and it seems to be going well!) @newf84: Nice! You should post a brew log of your dry hopped brew! I'm definitely interested in seeing how that went for ya! @Macoombi: Sucks to hear about your 5 gal brew; I hope it turns out well @Mat2000_1: Welcome to your new obsession! I pretty much did the same thing with my SWMBO and she's the one who actually bought me my first kit! Which refill came with your kit?
  10. Hello fellow brewers! I recently ventured out and tried making a Hefeweissbier from other extracts after trying our the "Who's your Hefe?" recipe and had a couple of questions for brewers who've tried out the Fermentis WB-06 yeast: 1.) It is normal for the WB-06 to ferment quickly? I recently did an all extract brew with this yeast and found that it had attenuated to the recipe target FG in 9 days and flocculated significantly! The only reason I noticed the whole flocculation bit is because I have a second LBK going in the earlier stages of fermenting with WB-06 and I was able to compare wort clarity side by side. 2.) Its day 11 at this point and I've gotten the same reading (1.010) that i got on day 9, should I even consider bottling or wait 3 more days? Many thanks in advance for the assistance! Cheers, TorBrewer
  11. Just from my own personal experience with trying to get that Banana ester flavour in my beer; either you some how under pitched your yeast and that ramped up the ester production or its as Minn-Okie said with the warm temps. 72F / 22.2C is a little on the warm side and its possible that stressing out the Mr Beer / Coopers yeast could produce a more esters in your beer. I've noticed with a wheat beer I brewed, in which I specifically wanted more Banana / fruit flavour and aroma, that those specific flavour tend to mellow out after a few extra weeks at room temps. Hopes this helps you, Cheers, TorBrewer
  12. Wanted to post an update to this brew; I left another bottle go for another week and it was noticeably better! As you can see there a nice amount of head on this beer (I usually don't pour aggressively so I don't get much head). The fruity orange / banana has mellowed out just a little but overall you can still taste it in the beer.
  13. How are you brews coming along? Any interesting stories to tell?
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