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  1. I've been using 2 LBKs but bought a 5 gallons kit with a pale and glass secondary fermentor so I don't really need to have 4 LBKs taking up space (I'm keeping one LBK and several cases of PET bottles).
  2. Anybody interested in lightly used LBKs or PET bottles? I've switched to doing 5 gallon batches and glass bottles. I've got 3 LBKs and 4 dozen PET bottles that I'm willing to part with cheaply, say $5 per LBK and $5 per dozen bottles. Not worth shipping so I'm looking for a local sale. I am travelling to Port Perry, ON and Hanover, ON next month so I could deliver or meet somewhere in between.
  3. Last year I got my first time (for Christmas) and tried to find more kits there after Christmas and didn't find any. I did however find that Sears in Watertown, NY had them on Clearance for $20 each. I only bought one because that's all the room that I had. But if you're just after additional kegs, Mr Beer does sell them for $10 IIRC. I bought a couple that way and found another kit for sale on kijiji (it's like a Canadian version of Craigslist). Right now I've got 10 batches conditioning in the basement and just finished brewing my first kitless batch using liquid malt extract, crystal malt grains, and Cascade hops. I find it's handier to go to my local homebrew shop than it is to order from Mr Beer.
  4. Don't be quick to judge the Mr Beer system based on the Classic American Light. It's not great. Not a whole lot of flavour, there's much better to be had. I've done about a dozen batches now, I've got 5 LBKs and about 10 sets of bottles. Now that I have a pipeline going, I don't even consider trying a beer until its bottle conditioned for 8 weeks. They do seem to get better with age. Another tips to try is check out a local homebrew shop and buy the 5 gallon kits and split them into two LBKs. I'm not sure if there's any homebrew shops up there. I use a store here in Ottawa called Defalco's. Its certainly more cost efficient to buy a $20 5 gallon kit and split into 2 then trying to order kits from Mr Beer (although I do that too and have it shipped to a UPS Store just across the border). I'm not on here much but I do drop by from time to time and I'm certainly a newbie compared to most around here.
  5. In case you guys haven't notice, Mr Beer has got a really good sale on refills (30% off) and $5 off on bottles. I just order 3 American Porter Deluxe refills, 4 more sets of bottles and a St Patricks Irish Stout Deluxe and an Octoberfest Deluxe refill. The American Porter is half price ($10.72) so I ordered 3 of them.
  6. Drinking my Brewmaker IPA right now. I think I've got 6 weeks in the bottle at this point. Still a bit of cidery taste but I'm out of my other brews so it'll do for now. It definitely turned into beer. The yeast did its trick. Not sure if it was the first yeast or the second. Since I've last posted I've added another 2 batches of bottles. I up to 4 LBK's and 7 sets of bottles but I think I need more bottles. I've got a Classic American Light, 2 Patriots Lagers and a Brewmaker Brown Ale (5 gallon batch) bottled awaiting maturity now. I brewed the Diablo IPA and the Bewitched Amber with my 4 year old son yesterday. I've got the NW Pale and 2 Winter Ales that need to be brewed and I might do that tomorrow. I just finished up my first NW Pale Deluxe last night. It defnitely got better with age. Even my wife liked it. I think from now on I wont even try a beer before at least 6 weeks in the bottle.
  7. Just got back from Watertown. In case anybody is heading that way, the store that's listed as a Mr Beer supplier doesn't have much in terms of Mr Beer stuff. Just a CIder Kit and 4 refills of Patriot Lager. I did manage to snag a new Beer Kit at Sears for $25. They had a few more but I didn't have any more room in the trunk or I would have snagged the rest of them up.
  8. I'm in Ottawa. I got a kit for Christmas. Canadian Tire was selling them before Christmas. I brewed the Classic American Light that came with it. It was ok. Definitely needs a minimum of 4 weeks bottle conditioning. For my next brew I got a 5 gallon sized refill from the local brew shop (Defalco's). It was on the clearance isle and was expired by a few months. I bought a second LBK and had it shipped to a UPS store in NY state. I followed the Mr Beer instructions and split it between the two LBKs. I think the yeast was dead or I killed it by adding it when it was too hot because there was no sign of trub. So I bought some yeast from the local shop and added it. Bottled it a couple of weeks ago and there still wasn't much trub. Hopefully it gets better after bottle conditioning. I've also brewed a Northwest Pale Deluxe which is almost ready to drink and I've got two batches of the Patriot Deluxe fermenting. I'm headed to Watertown, NY this weekend and I'm going to check out a shop there that supposedly stocks Mr Beer stuff.
  9. Sorry to hijack the thread but I've got a related question. For my second batch I picked up a Brewmaker IPA kit from the local homebrew store. It was a clearance rack kit and was passed the best before date by a couple of months. Its a 5 gallon (imperial) kit which I brewed in 2 LBK's. It's been a little over 2 weeks and there's no sign of fermentation. Perhaps the yeast was dead or perhaps I killed it by pitching it before the wort cooled enough. I followed the Mr Beer instructions, not the Brewmaker instructions. Can I salvage the beer by pitching another yeast packet at this point?
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