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  1. Hi all: Mr. Beer recipe now uses a different hops and approach with the Falconer's Flight addition. I already have the Mt. Hood hops. The instructions for the new recipe suggest dry hopping one week into fermentation vs. adding at flameout (old recipe). I'm trying to achieve something close to a blue moon flavor, and was wondering which approach might be closer. My understanding is that the late add of hops to the fermentation will have more effect on aroma and not so much as flavor. i would also be curious about what differences i may notice with the mt. hood vs. falconer's addition. I was planning to ferment for 3 weeks at @ 64 ambient temp. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Seems the biggest element in all of this is patience. BTW, I thought wort temp is HIGHER in the keg than the room temperature? Next batch I'm going to add the stick on thermometer to help monitor. I thought I might also wrap the keg in a towel or blanket (inside the cabinet) I also have a hydrometer I should start using.
  3. Hi all: First time poster, but I've been lurking (learning) for about a month or so. My first batch of CAL was fermented at a room temp of about 68-70 degrees. I bottled after about 2 weeks (I know it's early) and after about 4 weeks (3 condition, 1 in fridge) carb and clarity is good but still getting a little "green" cider taste. I'm taking them out of the fridge and going to condition for another week or two then back to the fridge. (The only weird thing is I did a taste test about 2 weeks ago and I thought I didn't experience the cider taste which seemed stronger yesterday on my latest test...) My second batch (Bewitched Amber) was fermented for a full 3 weeks (I'm learning) in my basement which maintains a room temp of @ 62-65 degrees. I have the LBK in a plastic cabinet as well. I just bottled recently and will condition in this same location for 4 weeks (of course I'll test one sooner...) From reading all the posts it would seem the lower room temp (basement) is a better approach assuming the fermentation temp reaches 5-7 degrees warmer than ambient temp. Any opinions on either of these temperature options I'm testing out as a preference? Thanks.
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