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  1. It tasted really bitter and had a strong alcohol taste almost like moonshine. It also had a bit of a sour taste. The recipe told me to add honey before bottling to back sweeten. I did that. It made no difference.
  2. I made a cider from the recipe on this site http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f81/caramel-apple-cider-235368 I followed the recipe, let it ferment for 3 weeks. Then tasted it as I bottled. It was disgusting. Really strong alcohol taste. No sweetness at all, there was no mold or floaters, and it had an odd, almost sour smell. After reading the comments that says it was almost drinkable before any bottle conditioning I realized that my cider is not going to mellow out after a couple weeks in the bottle. Does anyone have any idea what could have gone wrong?
  3. thank goodness. thats all good news. i am really excited about this one i was hoping i didnt blow it. thanks guys
  4. I just brewed the cowgirl honey light. It had me put hops in a sack and put it in the boil. It wasn't very clear on what to do with it after that. I ended up pouring it into the lbk with the rest of the wort... and now I'm thinking it was a mistake. Especially since I can't really take it out since I don't wanna open it and introduce any bad stuff. Any advice would be awesome.
  5. Thanks, maybe ill try that one after the cowgirl.
  6. thanks for the advice. i was hoping there was a relatively easy way to alter something (i was thinking the canadian blonde). guess not. oh well! i think ill try to cowgirl honey light and see what happends. seems to be the next step up from just a can.
  7. iv seen http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/1229/nm/Cowgirl_Honey_Light_Recipe which is close but isnt a blonde different from a light? and https://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/1322/nm/Honey_Maibock_Recipe but iv never hurd of a "maibock" so i didnt think thats what i wanted either. those are the only two i could find that were similar.
  8. one of my favorites is Firestones Honey Blonde ale, and im looking to make somthing similar, but cant find a recipe on the forums. iv only bottled 2 different brews so far, so im far from professional but im ready to kick it up a notch from just a can of HME. any help and suggestions would be great. thanks
  9. My first batch (Aztec) sat in the fridge for about 6 weeks. It was fairly tasty by then. I noticed a cidery taste in the bottles I had sampled in the weeks prior to that. Let it ride, it's worth it.Mark as answered 2 hours ago useful advice. thanks
  10. i did research. hence then quote "obviously i wasn't expecting to be spectacular after only a little over a week of conditioning but i wasn't expecting it to be THAT bad." im obviously new at this and my basic question was, did i do somthing wrong, or does another 2 weeks of conditioning convert it from being undrinkable garbage, to deliciousness. seems to me that it would taste like somthing resembling beer at this point. i guess im wrong.
  11. i let it ferment for 3 weeks and 2 days. its only been bottle conditioning for a week and 3 days, but i got impatient and i put one in the fridge for 24 hours to try. carbonation was good. good head, good color. taste like crap. it tastes and smells like a really really light cider. even my girlfriend said it tastes like a cider. no beer taste at all. undrinkable. what happend? was it me? or a bad batch of yeast? or does it need more time to condition? obviously i wasn't expecting to be spectacular after only a little over a week of conditioning but i wasn't expecting it to be THAT bad.
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