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  1. I'll never forget an incident 50 years ago when I was in the Army. Somebody asked a guy where he was from.. The guy replied--Buffalo. The first guy said--I don't want to know where you're staying-I asked where are you from. Georgia. Honestly--we all laughed.
  2. I've brewed 10 Mr. Beer products since last April. ALL of them have turned out very good. I got rave reviews from a group that tried five of them at a Christmas party. So I had to brew some more. I just tried my first Belgian Spiced Christmas Ale about a week ago. The BEST I've brewed so far. It took me almost a whole hour to drink one 22 oz bottle. I didn't want to finish it! And it was the only one I had chilled. I have to say--it got better as it reached room temperature. I've got three more cans of it. I'll brew up another batch this weekend. That way I'll start a supply line of just this one brew. Thanks Mr. Beer. Great hobby. Sorry I was so late to the dance though.
  3. Well done indeed. I've been wanting to order a couple of utensils and couldn't justify the postage. Picked up three of these and the stuff I wanted. My friends and family will be happy, happy, happy next Christmas season.
  4. My third brew was the Nut Brown Ale. I usually like the brown ales and this one if very, very good. Everyone who has tried it really likes it. Just tried my fourth brew. Horse's Ass Ale. I used some old honey I found in the cupboard and I was quite concerned when I bottled it because it was quite cloudy. It cleared up in about a week and now after two more weeks it was time to try it. Very good. So good my wife even likes it. So you know I'll be making this again. Waiting on the next sale to really load up on a few things and start a couple more batches.
  5. I've moved on to my second brew. I did a batch of Alberts Atomic Altbier on 05/03/14. Bottled it on 05/23. Tried one on 6/19 and another last night(6/22). I'm hooked!
  6. Aztec Mexican Cerveza. Brewed 4/10/14. Bottled 5/2/14. Put a couple in the fridge on 5/22 and cracked one yesterday. Thought it was pretty good. A bit on the sweet side but not offensive at all. These are 740 ml PET bottles carbed with two carb drops each. I thought the carbonation was perfect for me. I've since bottled Albert's Atomic Altbier and will bottle the Nut Brown Ale tomorrow. I started a Horse's Ass Ale yesterday. The heck with the clubs and bars! I'll drink my own!
  7. If and/or when someone finds out what's going on will you please post it here. I keep reading about codes for this and codes for that and I can't find anything. Thanks.
  8. Thank You. This is the way forums are supposed to work.
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