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  1. Here is the orignial recipe. https://web.archive.org/web/20150307042726/http://www.mrbeer.com:80/surly-dog-ipa-recipe
  2. Not sure of the exact instructions of the original recipe. But you can probably follow the current instructions with the old recipe ingredients. . Here is the original ingredients. Surly Dog IPA 2 American Ale HME 2 1/2 oz Centennial hops 1 1/2 oz. Columbus hops 1 cup honey US-05 Dry Ale Yeast
  3. I have ordered several of the $10 Churchill's and none of them were bulging or dented. So I don't think they are on sale because they are damaged.
  4. I do 5 gallon batches in the LBK all the time. Just put 2.5 gallons in each.
  5. cisco

    NEW HOPS!!!

    Anyway you can get the Enigma hop? I noticed this recipe on the Coopers website. http://store.coopers.com.au/recipes/index/view/id/139/
  6. Here is a recipe from the coopers website using the nutbrown. https://store.coopers.com.au/churchill-s-bulldog-craftrotm-pack.html
  7. I look forward to making these soon.
  8. cara red, biscuit, cara hell, midnight wheat, smoked malt
  9. It's still on the website. http://www.mrbeer.com/media/wysiwyg/Misc/sugar.png
  10. Aaarrrgghhh, you forgot to add the honey. Good video regardless.
  11. Did you reset your password? You will have to on the new site.
  12. The standard refills now comes with a pouch of booster.
  13. I have used the entire can from a muntons and coopers in a LBK. I have some coopers draught in the fridge that turned out quite nice, even though it was a whole can. It does change the profile from what it was meant to be. I have not tried it with a stout or IPA style, mostly the lighter styles.
  14. The spices on mine calmed down some with age. I let this one warm up before I drink it, seems to taste better that way for me. Not that it is bad cold, but better warmer.
  15. I put mine in after 2 weeks the beer has been in the LBK. Leave for 1 more week and bottle.
  16. The 2014 Baltic Porter winter seaonal was listed on the website for most of last year and then it disappeared. Not sure if it's not being made or maybe it has to do with sitting in a container for 6 weeks as MRB Rick stated.
  17. I have made the monkey's dunkel. Turned out quite well.
  18. I personally think Mr. Beer releases them fine the way they are, but thats just me. Seems to me beers in the store are coming out to early for their seaonal releases anyway. I remember when Sam Adams would release their seasonals right about the start of a season, but now they are released way before the season starts. That seems to early to me.
  19. I misread your recipe at first. I thought it said you added potato peels lol.
  20. I made this one with the temps around 72. Turned out great.
  21. They did move a few months ago and are now on Governors Drive.
  22. I noticed your location is Madison County. You could go to Pearly Gates in Huntsville for some brewing buckets. They sell homebrewing supplies.
  23. I have used the carbonation drops and didn't have any issues with carbonation. I would double check the caps.
  24. I have made this one and it was a little harsh after 4 weeks of bottle conditioning, but after 8 weeks it was fantastic.
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