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  1. I am currently drinking this one and I wouldn't say the anise flavor is that strong. I taste more orange peel than anything. It's definitely worth making.
  2. I am drinking the 2013 winter seasonal right now, it's quite tasty. I have also made the 2013 summer and fall seasonal and those have been good also. That's a good price for that seasonal, I will pick me up some also.
  3. Here is a link to the Mr. Beer recipes that use the American light. http://www.mrbeer.com/classic-american-light
  4. There was a sale a couple of months ago with HME's close to expiration date. They should have done the same for the LME's. It's cool to throw in a free one with an order but if you are buying some that's not cool.
  5. I wouldn't use the booster. It takes a long time to get rid of any cidery taste it may have. Sometimes it does not go away at all. Using the whole pack of yeast will be fine. That combination of hops should work ok, just be sure to add the northwest pale ale after the hop boil, since it's already hopped.
  6. I have used them and they did fine. Amazon has those for $10.62 for 250 tablets and free shipping if you are a prime member. Lately I have been using sugar cubes and it's much cheaper.
  7. I have 2 academy's in my area and both of them have the refills on clearance also.
  8. Here is a link if anyone has not seen this. http://www.insidetucsonbusiness.com/news/mr-beer-has-a-recipe-for-success/article_ee92a0f6-34cc-11e4-bf7e-0019bb2963f4.html
  9. If you go to the Mr. Beer site and look at their recipes, there are several that use 2 cans of extract. So, yes you can double the amount of extracts. You can pitch both yeast packets that come with the extract.
  10. I would still let if ferment for 3 weeks. Add the fruit after 1 week and ferment for 2 more.
  11. `I think 1/2# of chocolate malt is way to much. I would probably just use 2 or 3 ounces.
  12. I have brewed some of the old Mr. Beer mixes that were 2 years expired, but none that old. They turned out fine.
  13. I have made some that had expired around two years and they tasted fine. Also used the old yeast.
  14. I have never seen that. I placed an order today but it was over $50 and I used the free shipping code that they provided today. Any other time I have ordered it has been $7.95 for what I have ordered. I would contact customer service about it.
  15. Also, just making sure you did add the priming sugar to the bottle. They should be ok. Just take them out of the fridge and condition for a few weeks.
  16. You did it correctly. If you look at the footnotes for the recipe, you are suppose to add them to the LBK.
  17. Be sure to open the box and check the exp. date. I picked up one at academy sports that expires in 7/14. Not an issue since I am brewing it up soon.
  18. I believe they are the same thing, both of them are a no rinse sanitizer.
  19. If anyone is interested, target online has american light, porter, pilsner and canadian blonde on sale for $13.28 per can.
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