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  1. Very nice. I have tried a friends Patriot Lager. I must say I was very surprised. I doubt I'll ever buy store bought brew again.
  2. I haven't even tried my first brew yet and the obsession is BAD. I went out and bought every refill academy had. $200 later I'm set on HME for a little bit. I just ordered 2 more LBKs this morning.
  3. So I bought my Br. Beer kit 2 weeks ago. It came with the classic american light witch is in the carbonation stage. I picked up the last 2 cans of patriot lager from my local academy store this morning and have one in the LBK. I haven't even tried my first home brew and I'm already completely obsessed with it. Has this happened with anyone else?
  4. Check academy and bass pro websites for the last cans of the patriot lager!!!
  5. Academy and Bass Pro Shops still have the Patriot Lager on the web site and in a few stores.
  6. So I bought my Mr. Beer kit a little over a week ago. My first batch " classic american light" is in the LBK and is close to being ready for bottling. I was wondering what refills to get for my next batch. I have done extensive research on home brewing and Mr. Beer before buying my kit. So what are some great tasting refills?
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