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  1. There was very little hop aroma coming from the opened cans of extract. I used an oz each of Amarillo and Citra at flameout and plan on another oz of each dry hopped. I also used distilled water and it is slowly chugging away with the US-05 at 60 degrees. It won't be filtered. We'll see....
  2. Received a Mr Beer kit in 2008 for Christmas, went to all grain about 6 months later, and have been brewing ever since. I joined the Mr Beer sister site (MrBeerFans.com) that same year and have been a moderator over there the last few years. I have entered several homebrew competitions over the years and have threatened to enter a MrBeer brew just to see what happens. I've heard award winning homebrewer turned pro, Jamil Zanisheff, repeatedly claim that the biggest difference between the canned extract brewer and an all grain brewer is the level of experience. The average MrBeer brewer is new to cleaning/sanitation/fermentation procedures. Well, time to put this theory to the test. I do plan some procedure modification just for the sake of consistency on my part. I'm used to what I'm used to I also plan on some additional late hopping as well as possibly gelatin filtering. Game day decision on that. Felt the need to post this up front. After the fact just didn't feel right.
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