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  1. So I've bottled and tasted all three of the batches and they all three had one similar trait. All three were thinner and slightly watery tasting as compared to a Mr Beer refill fermented normally. No cider flavor from the sugar. Although I do have a hydrometer now, I'm not going to repeat this test. I believe the nutrient and energizer simply effected a more thorough fermentation and in the less "heavy" beer that is not desirable. All three are drinkable, so it's not a waste! On the bright side, the Bavarian Weissbeir is just as tasty as I hoped!
  2. I bottled the CAL last night and have a quick update. It turned out fine, if a bit watery in flavor compared to the first CAL I brewed up. Despite using a cup of white sugar, there was no flavor component. It seems like a technical success, but I won't be repeating it. Washing the LBK was a nightmare and watery isn't a goal. Still, this did show that pitching energizer after the boil gives an energetic response by the yeast. Both the others had the energizer or nutrient put in during the boil and were more normal fermentations. Although the GB had what appeared to be trub earlier, it did begin normal fermentation shortly after the last picture and appears to be ready also. Might give it a taste test tonight and clean some bottles.
  3. JoshR, I wish you were my doctor. Can't get him to say anything straightforward like that. My takeaway is that yeast energizer=yeast crack and crack is bad. I'm going to order several CAL refills and use no adjunct and LME. Assuming this batch isn't ruined... And get a baseline. I've made a Bavarian Weissbeir standard refill as the old MrB version was my favorite. A lot has changed in the last fifteen years and a lot has been forgotten (by me). Tony, I have a knife in my pocket, not a printer. Can't wait until those are pocket sized! But I do mark anything different from the recipe on the back and date it.
  4. 1 pack Mr Beer yeast and 1 tsp LD Carson yeast energizer. Funny thing, I wouldn't have thought CAL could be that energetic. If you notice, the Grand Bohemian has no krausen. At 8 o'clock this morning it was already like that. Wish I had a camera on it last night.
  5. About fifteen years ago I tossed all my beer making stuff in the trash. With a kid on the way, I had other things on my mind. Now I just want to get them off my mind... Back then the Mr Beer manual spoke of using white sugar and I found that I liked the slightly drier taste. So I'm not chasing a higher alcohol content, it's just a remembered preference. I am experimenting as the HME's are supposedly different now that Coopers makes them. Not going full-blown mad scientist. RickBeer, funny you should mention boiling the HME. One of the mistakes I made was to put the HME in the pot while the water was still on the burner. Process, process, process. I caught myself and don't do that anymore. Does it sound like I scorched the HME instead of a stalled fermentation? I bought a six-pack of Fat Tire once and although it had much more green apple to it, it was remarkably similar to my version of the chugalug and american gold recipe. (both ended tasting identical and were red in color) And adding the yeast energizer was a bit "mad scientist" as I wanted to see the result. Darned if the CAL isn't still blowing it's top! I was more hoping for a quick and complete finish to get to bottling quicker. (Wish I hadn't tossed the hydrometer)
  6. So, I made three batches last night. Each with a varied amount of white sugar. On the table was a package of goods recently order to try out some Hobo wine on the wife... for the wife! I meant for the wife! Inside the package was a product with a cool name. "Yeast Energizer". Hey, I want energetic yeast! So this morning when I came down about 8 hrs after pitching the last yeast, I found a surprise. CAL w/1 cup of white sugar and a full dose of Energizer added post boil had leaked krausen down the side! GBP with 1/2 cup white sugar and a full dose of Energizer added at boil had already shot past high krausen and had nothing but trub and a yeast cake on the bottom. The Aztec got a half dose of yeast nutrients and a half dose of energizer. It seems to be fermenting at a steady, if slightly accelerated rate. I use well water from the tap, so the results here surprised me. But there is no doubt in my mind that Yeast Energizer made a difference in my situation. Is it necessary to make good beer? That's a good question, and one that may be related to water quality. I can tell you that two of my last four batches were horrible. No matter how long they conditioned, the flavor remained the same and the color was way too dark. Looking back, I may have experience my first stuck fermentations. I think if all three of these turn out good, I will be using it myself. Maybe just as a good luck charm... One thing for sure, I'm finally going to have to buy a hydrometer.
  7. Ok, I just took the shortcut and added the watermelon flavoring to a plain-jane batch of CAL. I racked the CAL over to a spare LBK that the watermelon had already been added to and will start bottling in a few minutes. After adding the flavoring and taste-testing, there wasn't any real watermelon component at all. I sure hope it turns up after time in the bottle! Either way, it's a cheap experiment and almost guaranteed to be drinkable..
  8. You sir have surpassed the Dos Equis man as most interesting. From now on, when I cut a watermelon, I will think of you. Chili powder on watermelon!? Yuuuuuck! Thanks for the advice. It looks like stepping up my game a bit means learning more than I had thought. I'm reading up on partial mash, but the one thing I don't really want to do is to increase the ABV by too much. The last thing I want is in-laws tumbling over the side of the porch!
  9. It's been more than a decade since I used my Mr Beer kit, but recently two batches have been passed through it. The first, the All American Gold recipe, has spent it's first week in the fridge after two in the keg and two in the bottle. The second, Chug-a-lug recipe, is going in the bottles this evening. So I'm looking to step up my game a bit. In my recent web browsing I came across a review for an Cream Ale extract mix where the reviewer said he added Lorann Watermelon Oil at bottling. His method was to add "slightly less than a dram" to a five gallon batch in the bottling bucket. So I began researching what Cream Ale should be. Apparently, it's not hoppy, nor malty. The cream feel comes from using flaked corn. To me, that meant Classic American Light mix and flaked corn. Maybe others would work, but I do try to make beer that appeals to other people around me. After all, the best thing about making beer is sharing it around the BBQ! So here's what I plugged into qbrew, then ordered. 1 - can Classic American Light 1 - 1# flaked corn 1- Safale US-05 dry yeast 1 - package of Whirlfloc 1 - dram of Lorann Watermelon oil (propylene glycol based I think) So, here's my questions. Any advice on the amount of flaked corn? Would you boil that for 5 minutes and include the Whirlfloc, then continue Mr Beer style by removing from heat and adding the HME?
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