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  1. No, I never ever said Mr. Beer sucks. My Uncle has one and he loves it. I buy him refills every Christmas. Although, last year I got him a Brooklyn Brew kit instead.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to get a kit next week when I get paid and do some experimentation. I'm not "going all Frankenstain" as I'm not trying to get that crazy other that something a little different. I don't think a little different = Frankenstein. I do understand that different ingredients will yield different results, but if I don't try then I'm not going to be satisfied. If I don't like my first attempt it's not that much of an investment to worry about. I'll get another and try again. It's been 20 or 25 years ago, but I did some beer a long time ago in a similar kit. I modified the recipe slightly, I can't remember what, but my friend goes "I swear it tastes just like O Douls". I asked "How would you know what that tastes like?" and we all joked for awhile, because O Douls is a non-alcholic beer and my friend is a drunk. So, I wasn't saying these aren't real forums, I was saying the kit isn't really brewing beer. It's basically just adding and stirring ingredients.. as people over at Homebrewtalk.com will tell you. I have no problem getting something smaller like this, because I'm not a heavy drinker, I'm more into making something I can share with people when they come over. I like cooking.
  3. I think what I meant to say is I am willing to learn a little to a certain degree.. it's just I think something like adding in fruit shouldn't be that complex of a process that I can't do it my first time. I figure it's just when to add fruit is all I need.
  4. Good price. Amazon has them for $38.35 or something with free shipping.
  5. I feel if I am going to learn, then I should buy a real brew kit. Mr. Beer is pretty much a starter into brewing real beer. The reason people buy a Mr. Beer is more because it's easier and they either want to use this as a stepping stone into real beer brewing or just not want to learn if you ask me.
  6. I'm new around here.. I don't have a Mr. Beer currently. I know it's not really brewing beer, like if I purchased a beer kit, but I also don't feel like doing a ton of work, so thought this would be easier. My question is, I don't like normal things. I like to do something different. If I can't do that then I won't do it. Brewing with Mr. Beer.. let's say I choose a beer like a lager.. when can I add something like a fruit to get a good flavor from it? I assume I mash it up. Will it ruin things to add a piece of fruit to the bottle of the finished product? I used to have beer with a whole chili pepper in it, but I don't see them around here any more. I'd like to do something like a chipotle cherry, or maybe just a beer with some kind of berry in it (raspberry?). What about adding juice to a beer? I saw someone on a real beer forum brew beer using a little bit of 100% fruit juice. Not sure when to add that.
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