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  1. All good info. Where I like bitter maybe I will hold off on adding the LME and try the winter ale as is. Thank you all.
  2. Thanks! Brewing this afternoon so will give it a try!
  3. Just curious. I have a package of golden LME. Do you think it would be ok to add it to the winter dark ale? The LME was a freebie and I'd like to use it but if it's not recommended to add to the dark ale I can hold off for another brew? Thanks
  4. Hi there fellow brewers, I bottled my first batch 3 weeks ago today. I have read many threads on this but wanted to ask you. My basement temp is around 68 to 70 degrees, doesn't drop much below 68 but may a little from time to time. I also have a closet where the temp is in the mid 70's, may get a little higher at times. Would I be better off conditioning in my basement or do you feel the closet is a better option? I am currently using the closet. Thank you for any input. Kevin
  5. Thank you sir. I will go for a single brew with it then. I've read quite a bit on this discussion board so I think after reading your response, it's best to stick with it the way it's intended to be brewed first time around. Much appreciated.
  6. I got a killer deal on another brew kit that comes with the Aztec and a pilsner. I will have 2 cans of the Aztec so I was thinking of doing a double with that. Anyone think this is not a good idea? I haven't brewed the Aztec yet but do like a full bodied and hoppy beer for sure! Thanks!
  7. Hi there. I have read that some people have doubled up on the extracts when brewing. I am wondering what exactly this does. I assume that it creates a heavier more full bodied brew and also increases the alcohol content a bit. Is my assumption accurate? Also, when this is done, do you only use 1 packet of yeast or do you double up the yeast as well? This is regarding the standard 2 gallon batch with like extracts. Thanks!
  8. I can see this is going to turn me into a monster. My local Sears is where I picked up my kit. It was on clearance for 25 bucks. I called them today and they still have a bunch that are going to be marked down even more tomorrow. Guess I know where I am going after work. Need at least one more of these!
  9. I brewed my first batch last night. Will practice patience as suggested. Thanks again for the replies, great help!
  10. Wow! Thank you for the replies! I am going to start my first batch this evening! Thanks again!
  11. Hello, I am a newbie to brewing beer. I picked up a 2 gallon brew kit and a few refills all on clearance at a local Sears so I am extremely excited to get started. I had a couple quick questions I was hoping someone might be able to help me with. 1. The instructions say the temperature for fermentation should be between 68 and 76 degrees. What if the temp is slightly lower/higher? 2. I plan on brewing a few batches but am wondering how long the beer can be stored for and if it's ok to store it in say a cellar where the temperature stays in the low 60s. I have read the beer gets better with age and patience. Many thanks! Kevin
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