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  1. hey ya'll, I did the Mr. Beer kits with refills for a year doing 4 fermenting containers. My only day off is Sunday, so when it comes to bottling day after cleaning, sanitizing, letting your bottles air dry on a bottle tree holding 110 bottles I need 96 but need a few extra for back up. ( found out the hard way) capping certain bottles they crack. After a year of doing this I stopped till I can get kegs. Bottle day sucks!!!! Over this week everything is in. stopped a Lowes and got some supplies ( 4) 5gallon food grade buckets and lids( 4) 3/8 rubber grommets. drilled a 3/8 hole into the top of each lid, put rubber grommet to fit airlock. checked all ( 4) to see if airlock fits, perfect fit. so I don't have enough of the Mr. Beer containers to fit all I'm doing. I'm going to do (2 ) batches if each, ( 4) gallons in each 5gl. bucket with airlock. WILL THIS WORK?
  2. a friend gave me a 5lb co2 tank. still has a good 3/4 -1/2 of co2. my question is, does co2 go bad? how long is co2 good for? tank is good for another 2 years
  3. hey guy's. I was wondering on Mr. beer fermenting container lid should I use a airlock?
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