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  1. I bottled Angry Bovine Milk Stout about 6 weeks using nibs and lactose sugar. Sample a couple of bottles at the 4 week mark and the chocolate flavor hadn't really come out yet. I'll be sampling another bottle or two this weekend but they said 2-3 months for the flavors to peak. That aside, it's already an enjoyable stout and has gotten very good review from a couple of friends. So my recommendation would be to do the Angry Bovine.
  2. Could be trub I guess, how could you tell? Conditioning temp is about 67 - 68 degrees which is the same as the fermenting temp. As for sugar, I used whatever the Mr Beer recommendation was for 12oz bottles. Since I brewed the batch (only my second) I've read more regarding the forum's recommendation. Live and learn. Hell, if it's that bad I'll try it again!
  3. I used a hydrometer for the first time with this brew. According to my readings: OG - 1.045 FG - 1.011 Which got me 4.45%. I figured any delta was me using a new tool for the first time.
  4. Ok, so I am 4 weeks in with the Angry Bovine (Josh recommended 3-6 weeks conditioning so I figured I'd go the full six) and I notice that the sugar is sitting at the bottom of the bottles. Should I leave the sugar there or should I gently invert the bottles 2 or 3 times to get the sugar off the bottom? I'm afraid that with the sugar on the bottom like that it isn't carbonating. This isn't my first brew, but it is my first time bottling using bottles that I can see what's in there. I wish I had read the forum's thoughts regarding sugar prior to this brew. I used the 3/4 teaspoon recommended for 12oz bottles. next time I'll use 1/2 teaspoon.
  5. 7.5%?? The Mr Beer recipe only gives about 5%. What did you add to get the additional ABV?
  6. Josh, I did send the link for the Chocolate Porter, did you find it? I had a Vanilla Porter last night, we were at a bar playing trivia, and I thought the vanilla too subtle. You could barely taste it, and what's the sense of putting something in your beer if you can't taste it?? I will do the Nilla Porter next, since I boughte the Smooth softpack. I will let it condition for a couple of months, but I'll probably sample the batch after the first month and second before deciding to go for 3. I will get a better idea of how conditioning effects flavor and maybe get a chance to hone in on the intensity (of Vanilla) that works for me. All part of the learning process! Jim PS I really want to give a thumbs up to Josh and the customer service at Mr. Beer. I've opened a couple of tickets recently with questions regarding conditioning times (Blonde Ambition recipe and Angry Bovine Milk Stout), effects of ingredients like chocolate (almost doubled the chocolate in the Angry Bovine) and this thread (I opened up a ticket as well). The responses I've gotten back from Josh and customer service have been helpful and timely. Very much appreciated!!
  7. So what dictates conditioning time? Two similar recipes have to very different conditioning times: Nilla Porter - 2 - 3 Months Chocolate Porter - 3 - 4 Weeks Both use Brown Sugar (is that a fermenting sugar? or added just for flavor?) Nilla Porter uses LME Softpack - Smooth The same yeast is used (the one from under the lid) Why the extended conditioning time with the Nilla Porter?
  8. Hello, I'm fairly inexperienced with only a few brews under my belt, the latest being the Angry Bovine Stout currently waiting impatiently in bottles. I'm looking to try the Nilla Porter recipe next and had a quick question. The recipe calls for the BrewMax LME Softpack - Smooth, but the refill comes with a Booster (standard refill) or LME Robust (deluxe refill). If I add the "booster" along with the LME Softpack - smooth, will it change the characteristics of the brew noticeably? I figure the "Robust" will (+19 SRM and a different flavor profile). Aside from bumping up the ABV will the Booster add anything? Thanks!!
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