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  1. This is my 5th and 6th attempt at brewing. 1st "mistake".....and BOY....what a mistake. Right now the entire top of the Keg is covered in gook. I'm glad I had it sitting in a box.....at least the hardwood floor didn't get ruined. Looks like the yeast REALLY liked the HME, LME, and the Cherries. Will need to move it if it settles down a bit. Wife has no consideration for the "smell" of a brewery. bObk
  2. Thanks a bunch....back to the kitchen I go bObk
  3. In a rush to get things done in kitchen before wife gets home. Had Ordered two kits. Cherry Wheat and Bewitched Amber Ale. BUT.... Instead of me using the Bavarian Weissbier HME for the cherry wheat, I used the Bewitched Amber Ale along with the Golden LME softpack and the cherries. Is this going to work? Now I'm going to use the Bavarian Weissbier for another batch all by itself. Does it need the LME or will I get a decent brew without an LME? Boy....for a guy who thought he was 99 percent error free I guess my age is getting the best of me. bObk
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