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  1. My second brew was with the American Porter kit. The beer has a yeasty taste. I've already bottled it. I'm hoping with more time it will get better. It also has high CO2 content. To fix this, should I just keep it in my refrigerator for a while, or would it condition better at room temperature? What should I have done differently? I'm inclined to think I added too much sugar when bottling. I used the recommended amount. Thanks, David
  2. I've made one batch, just following the regular directions of the Winter Dark Ale. Tastes pretty good, plenty of alcohol I would say. I like dark beers, and just received an American Porter and Chocolate Stout recipe. This does look like a good place to find out about how to be more creative. My favorite brew is Left Hand Brewery, Milk Stout. Would someone hazard a guess about how to get close to that? Also what would you recommend for a beginner book about brewing? First I'd like to learn what makes a stout or a porter, or the other various types. I actually got my kit second hand from Sears. It appears that several people tried either the American Lager or light American Lager which comes with the beginning kit and were not happy. This means I got the full kit minus a beer I would have thrown away anyway. From the picture on the side it looks like it is probably a Coors light clone. Is there something interesting I could brew with this as a starter? Or would anyone like it, all I want is shipping cost? David
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