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  1. We will have our Oktoberfest, Aztec Cerveza, Canadian Blonde, Czech Pilsner, and Irish Stout deluxe refills on sale over the next 6 days (in that order).
  2. Vakko, here is our first BJCP style guideline post. It has tasting notes, history, commercial versions and food pairings. We will be posting a new one every other week! http://blog.mrbeer.com/helles-bock-bjcp-style-overview
  3. This is a fantastic idea. We will be creating this post for the first of April, so keep an eye out!
  4. We will be scheduling a "How to read a hydrometer" post in April. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Thanks for all the great ideas! We are scheduling in 2 BJCP posts a month moving forward, that will include all the information you requested. I think this will be a great resource for our brewers. We have also discussed a virtual tour of the Mr. Beer office via Livestream here in the future, so we will be sure to get that one done as well.
  6. We are always trying to find new and better ways to serve our awesome Mr. Beer community, and recently, we have been ramping up our blog with informational and fun posts. But then I got to thinking... why keep guessing on what topics everyone will find useful? Instead, why not ask?! So that is what I am doing... If you were to visit our blog, what topics would you find most helpful and/ or interesting? It could be something that was mentioned on the forum and you want more detail on, it could be more advanced brewing information, or it could just be fun posts about beer. It could be anything you want! So if you were to visit blog.mrbeer,com, what would you want to read about? Ready... Go!
  7. We are starting a new tradition here at Mr. Beer and wanted to recognize some of the great brewing resources out there. While the Mr. Beer forum is fantastic (at least, we think so) we still frequent many other sites for information and entertainment. So, without further a do, say congrats to our winners for The Best Homebrewing Sites to Watch in 2015! To see the post, check it out here: http://blog.mrbeer.com/mr-beer-awards-best-homebrewing-sites-to-watch-in-2015
  8. This is Johnny. He was also adopted from a local rescue that was fostering him from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. He not only hoards toys (as pictured below) but is also a world-class snuggler and would let an intruder rob us blind in exchange for a belly rub. Raising awareness for animal adoption and homeless animals is a cause I am extremely passionate about, and I am lucky enough to work for a company that is allowing me to create a collaboration with another adopted pup (Barley) that will benefit animals in need here in Arizona Cheers to Mr. Beer!
  9. Everyone here at Mr. Beer really loves pets... but I think dogs may be a unanimous favorite. That is why we are excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with Instagram's favorite beer dog: Barley the Brew Pup. Each month, Barley will create a unique recipe that will be for sale on Mr. Beer's website.10% of the proceeds made from Barley's recipes will be donated to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona to help dogs that are in need of a loving home. To check out more pictures of this beer-loving, homebrewing dog, his Instagram name is @barleythebrewpup. *Please note: While Barley loves helping out and posing with beer, he isn't allowed to drink it.
  10. RickBeer is correct (as always ) The collaboration recipes are limited in the sense that we only create 300 each month, so once they are sold out, we will no longer have them again.
  11. This sounds amazing... might have to have the Reluctant Chef here on staff try to create something similar for our St. Patty's week food pairing recipe. Unless you wanna share
  12. Just wanted to let all of our forum users know that we are hosting a giveaway for our January Craft Brewery Series recipe: Sugar on Top IPA from 903 Brewers. Just visit the page below, enter in your information, and you will be entered to win. The giveaway will end this Sunday. For all of you hop lovers out there, this is a fantastic, limited-edition recipe you will definitely want to try! http://info.mrbeer.com/free-recipe-from-903-brewers
  13. Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that the Sugar on Top IPA recipe is on sale! http://www.mrbeer.com/sugar-on-top-ipa-collaboration-recipe
  14. A while back, I posted a survey asking our fantastic forum to give their input for a blog posting titled "Tips to Become an Expert Brewer." Thanks to all of your input, we have created what we think is a pretty fantastic post for new brewers who are looking to fine-tune their craft. If you want to see the finished draft of what you all helped create, it can be found here: http://blog.mrbeer.com/homebrewing-tips-to-become-an-expert If you are a new brewer to this forum, this will be a great article for you to read. Cheers, and thanks to all who gave their input!
  15. Sorry for the delayed response! It is scheduled to be for sale in the third week of January. If you are signed up to receive emails and get our monthly newsletter, we will notify everyone of it going on sale in there. If not, than keep an eye on the website the week of the 19th - 23rd
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