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  1. I just brewed the Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout Partial Mash recipe and have an observation. I used a 4 quart pot and added the 4 cups of water as directed. I put the grains in the muslin sack and added them to the water when it reached 155 degrees and the water only covered half of the grains and when i pulled the sack out out to rinse and drain I noticed it absorbed a good bit of the water. My s.g. was around 1.044 which isn't too far from what the recipe calls for. Next time I will add 6 cups of water instead of 4 but overall I can't wait to see how this tastes.
  2. I just placed an order and very excited...
  3. about to order the sticky wicket oatmeal stout
  4. I agree....I have this one conditioning now going on 5 weeks and it is good.
  5. Wow this turned out great....smells and tastes hoppy.
  6. I just bottled this Sunday and finished at 4.7% alcohol. The hops smell wonderful and the sample taste is delicious. This one is a keeper
  7. I made this today and man it smells so good and hoppy and it's fermenting away. I will dry hop with Cascade 0.50 oz (14 g) and 0.50 oz Centennial at two weeks. I will keep you posted.
  8. I am waiting on the Saison Du Miel to carbonate and really excited to try it. It tasted really well when i bottled it.
  9. I think i will try this in the LBK and see how it turns out. I found it on Craft Beer and Brewing. http://tinyurl.com/obv82a8
  10. This is interesting but have to order from down under.....
  11. Yes ferment for three just like these guys are saying......
  12. I tasted this yesterday on the three week date and it was pretty good for being flat so I batch primed and bottled. I am very excited to see how this will turn out. I think this will be going in the rotation.
  13. to be honest i didn't taste it before i bottled....i should have cause i am thinking i let it sit too long on the yeast
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