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  1. I'm down to my last few bottles of Shameless Stout that's been conditioning since September. I know it almost sounds cliche among us but this beer has gotten so much better with time! A solid stout to try if anyone has been debating.
  2. I love doing partial mashes, but my work schedule doesnt always allow me to. A regular extract comes in handy in how quickly I can make it up. Strangely enough though, American Ale deluxe is one my favs, and that's after having done many partials and doctored extracts.
  3. I knew exactly what I was going to do, but the wonderful lady at my LHBS talked me into this purchase because she was out of citra pellets. Lol
  4. What's the best way to deal with whole hops? I've got some citra that I'm going to dry hop with.
  5. I have an Imperial Red Ale that has been sitting 366 days. I just put it in the fridge.
  6. I cant say for certain if it does or not. I personally hadn't noticed. I know that honey sure as heck does though.
  7. Every time I place an order I add a few boosters in with it. I use them in everything almost. No risk way adding a little bang per bottle Imo.
  8. What's the highest attenuation you've gotten? Mine was 81% on my Let It Bee Honey Blonde Ale.
  9. It came out pretty good, but if I had to to let it condition awhile because it ended up being 6.6% ABV and it tasted a bit boozy at 1st.
  10. One pound of light DME, not one CAL of DME.
  11. -One CAL HME -One lb of DME -Two booster pouches -One oz of Willamette Hops (10 min boil) -US-05 yeast O.G 1.069 I called this "Harvey Special" because it was fermenting when the hurricane hit down here.
  12. I've had that one, I did enjoy it. I've got Shameless Stout fermenting now.
  13. I think it's funny how nobody can name just one!
  14. What are y'alls favorite Mr B batches? It's hard for me to decide. I really like the American Ale, both standard and deluxe. Sir Kenneth Blonde Ale is solid in my book too. Whispering Wheat Hefe was my 1st partial mash, I loved it as well.
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