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  1. I'd be willing to bet these specs will settle to the bottom after you refrigerate for a few days.
  2. Have you had IPAs in the past that you liked? That style certainly isn't for everyone. I love it myself, but many don't.
  3. I recently made this refill as is. Now, I ran from it for a long time because for whatever reason I didn't think I'd like it. I've gotta say that I'm pleasantly surprised with this one. It's really good to me, and I haven't even had it with salt & lime yet!
  4. The Australian Sparkling Ale is just about my least favorite brew that I've made. That being said, I drank every single one of them though. Just goes to show how different our palates can be.
  5. I'm 43 and just about every job I've had has involved night work. I enjoyed straight days for about 9 years as a local truck driver. I'm a railroader now.
  6. See, I do the salt thing with my coffee. I don't use cream, and the salt masks the bitterness. I've done it beers before too, but not with my own. Definitely trying it, maybe in the morning when I get off. Don't judge me, lol.
  7. Hey, it wasn't just the 70s, I remember those from the 80s too!
  8. That's quite an accomplishment! NOBODY enjoys CAL the 1st time, lol.
  9. Okay, that's kinda what I thought. Thanks
  10. I have 3 packs that say 16916. How do I interpret that? I also have a couple silver packs that have nothing on them at all.
  11. Hmm, I don't know, I got almost identical results 2nd time around. FG 1.020 the first time, and 1.019 now. No gonna sweat it though, just gonna carb it up and drink em like the last batch, lol.
  12. What's the difference between dumping pellet hops straight into the fermenter versus putting them in a Muslin sack?
  13. How much were you using? I mostly use 16 oz bottles and I go one teaspoon per. It's not too bad, the bottles usually have some "give" to them.
  14. Yeah, why waste the time if you dont want any fizz? For me, that's the best part though, I think I'm addicted to carbonation. Lol
  15. I usually shoot for between 64 and 68. I use the ice bottle and cooler method for temperature control. Sometimes I forget to change out the bottles because I have this whole real job thing that I do. I've come home and found batches in the 70s before, but I guess a couple hours doesn't hurt so bad because they seem fine to me.
  16. I think many of us found this forum because our 1st batch was less than impressive. I'm pretty sure thats what led ME here. I think the first thing to be realized is that in the beginning you will make mistakes, which will result in your beer not being as good as it could have. You WILL get better though. The 2nd thing though, at least for me, is that I was just used to commercial beer. I had to acquire the taste for homemade ale. I now prefer mine over store bought. I just can't make enough to alleviate buying it, lol. Just keep it up and your beer will get where you want it.
  17. I mean, 8% is a BIG beer! You want to make a barleywine or what?
  18. Yeah, I think I'll wait a couple more days before I crash. I've got them temp up in the 70s, so they may do a little more. Oh, and the sample I took tasted fine. Quite good actually.
  19. Me too, but I know I've seen where people said they were only good for a couple years, and since the one in question is 3 years old, I was wondering.
  20. Oh, okay. Well, I know others who have had the issue have used a fine grit sandpaper to smooth it out. Have you tightened the spigot significantly? Also, you do have the gasket on the outside right?
  21. So you already have the batch in it and it's leaking?
  22. That's what I was thinking. OG was 1.050 though, so it's still 4.5ish abv.
  23. I have a Brita water pitcher, I just use the water from it. Works just fine.
  24. I have a standard batch of Aztec going that I pitched with a yeast package from 2015. Day 18, showing 1.016. It's probably not going to attenuate any further than this is it?
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