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  1. For those that started with the lbk, how long did it take each of you to move up to full sized batches?
  2. Here's a question: which style is Heineken Dark? All I know is that I find it quite delicious!
  3. I'm supposed to be getting a stick on thermometer in the mail as a gift for registering my kit.
  4. I appreciate all the tips folks. I'm not expecting to be blown away by this first batch. I'll be happy with "drinkable"! Lol
  5. I'm making Classic American Light. I haven't opened the lid, I can see just fine looking through with a flashlight. I pitched my yeast at 74°F, but I have no way to monitor it at the moment.
  6. I'm brand new to the insanity. I made my first batch 3 days ago. Initially I thought my yeast was bad because it wasn't taking off as I expected. There was activity, the wort was churning and I could see little bubbles rising, but it was slow. After about 30 hours or so though, it went nuts! Krauesen(sp) all the way up into the lid! It has really calmed down now, but I know the magic is still happening. I'm a little obsessed already! Is 30 hours to peak normal?
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