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  1. Just curious, why are you adding sugar?
  2. I just put my 1st one in the fridge. It's been conditioning for 44 days. I think this is my best show of patience yet. I can't wait to taste it.
  3. I got the email too. When I got home from work and saw it gone, I had a "WTF?" moment too. It's all good though.
  4. Even the haziest trub bottle will settle out eventually. Especially once you refrigerate them.
  5. So I'm finally tasting this batch, and uh, yeah, it's a pretty doggone tasty beer! Worth all the hype, lol!
  6. I'm actually still drinking them. It's not one of my better brews, but not too bad with all the conditioning on them now. I still believe my fermentation wasn't complete, but I had no bottle bombs. They are a little sweet though. I don't plan on making this one again, but I don't want to discourage anyone from trying it.
  7. During peak fermentation, your wort temps will be several degrees higher than the ambient temperature of the room, and the peak is when temp control is most important. If the room was 70, your wort may have been 75 or so, which is too warm.
  8. 2 weeks is just too damn soon for most beers. Just chill out and give it 2 or 3 more weeks.
  9. Tasted the 1st one of these beers and I can say even at 4 weeks that this is one of the best I've made. I'm impressed, this beer is plain ol delicious!
  10. It's an IPA, bitter is part of its flavor profile, that's how it's supposed to be. They aren't for everyone.
  11. We'll see what happens in a few weeks!
  12. Interesting. I haven't had this issue, and I've used quite a few new caps. I think it's kinda cool to actually have to break that seal on a fresh bottle of beer, lol. I'll be on the lookout for this in the future.
  13. Quick, someone make this and report back how it is! Condition no more than 2 weeks it says, I'm certainly interested!
  14. Like most of them, it definitely ages well! Don't know if its my best beer, but it's up there for sure. I'm digging my Thunder Bay pretty well too though.
  15. Right at 6 weeks conditioning on this batch now, and I haven't tried a single one of them. I'm really curious now, I think a couple will find their way into the fridge soon.
  16. I just checked this batch on day 18. Gravity is 1.014, down from 1.051. Does this seem about right, or should I expect it to come down any more? I'm bringing the temp up now before I crash it.
  17. Sooo, I'm drinking the last beer from this batch right now, which was bottled on 9/17/17. It's been in the fridge 2 weeks maybe, and I'm just blown away by it. I'm drinking it super slow because I don't want it to end. I wish I would've had the patience to save more than one.
  18. I've used drops, sugar is just easier because, well, I've always got it. If you just want to get rid of those drops, I'll take em😉.
  19. Whatever was going on has passed. It smells just fine now. I'm anxious to taste it since so many love this brew.
  20. I just bottled a batch yesterday, and I have the solution I sanitized my bottles with in one of my LBKs now. Is that LBK good to go now for a batch, or should I make up fresh sanitizer?
  21. I have a new one also. I hadn't used it yet, but I did stick the wand in the spout to see how it fit and whatnot. I had water in the LBK. I don't like how if I insert the wand all the way into the spout, it blocks the flow. It also doesn't seem to fit very tightly in the spout.
  22. I use table sugar. I mostly bottle in 16 oz PET bottles, and I use 1 teaspoon per bottle. I use a stainless steel flask funnel to get it in the bottles. It's pretty simple, but the sugar cubes sound eazy peazy.
  23. Lololol! I had my wife check it a little while ago, I'm not in town. She said smell has mellowed. I'm not worried about now.
  24. They keep telling me to bring some. I may let them try my Thunder Bay IPA. Once a month they have a day where a bunch of the customers convene and share/make beer together. I'm never free to go, but sounds like a blast.
  25. The folks at my LBHS are really cool about MB kits. One of the employees even made MB years ago, and still has her LBKs. They sell non-MB kits, so I don't see how they could be judgemental anyway, it's still a kit. And especially since I told them MB offers partial mashes now. I think they were secretly impressed by that, lol.
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