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  1. I've noticed that as my bottles sit in the fridge, the bottles get a little softer, and when I open I don't get that huge pressure release. I just figure that all that CO2 has been absorbed into the beer, and it's not so much in the headspace anymore. It still tastes great though. I could be totally off the mark here, but we're all still learning, right?
  2. @zorak1066 It was the yeast that came with the BAA refill. I let it sit out about a day before I used it. I pitched around 70°. That's warmer than I usually would do, but I did it because I've had so many issues with putting my yeast to sleep lately. When it got going, I cooled it into the 60s. I aerated pretty well I think, I usually go nuts with a whisk before I pitch.
  3. This is a batch of Bewitched Amber Ale. It smelled great at 1st, but now it reminds me of many of the chemical plants and oil refineries I was in during the 13 years I spent driving tanker trucks! Haha
  4. I know I have read many posts about certain yeast strains giving off a sulfuric odor, but it seems like it's mostly liquid, or lager yeast. Is it normal for ale yeasts too?
  5. I seem to be making progress, I just checked it again and I'm down .002 on gravity. Hopefully I can get it down about .006 more.
  6. This is only my opinion of course, but I would imagine the yeast has already eaten your priming sugar, so tightening the lid now won't do anything. As for whether or not you can just add more sugar, I don't know.
  7. I usually try to maintain those temps as well. Only thing I've been doing differently is pitching a little too cool. It's been taking the yeast a couple days to get going, but other than that, I don't know. Now, I will say that I got 81% out of that last batch, Let It Bee Honey Blonde Ale.
  8. Well, this time it's MB yeast, but I've had it happen with S-04 and US-05 as well.
  9. Almost none of them will be good at 14 days. Most of us here wait at least 28, and sometimes more. I usually sample one at 3 weeks. Sometimes they're okay by then.
  10. My yeast seems to have a gotten a little lazy on my Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout. I just gave it a good rousing. We'll see what happens. This seems to be an ongoing thing for me lately.
  11. I have a standard refill, and I've never tried it before. I like to make them as is at least once, and I most likely will this time as well, but I'm curious about what additions have any of you made to it?
  12. Yeah, it works great, I've got it on 2 LBKs, but I need to buy one still for my new one. I use a flashlight and a mirror to see the temp when they're in the ice chest.
  13. Thought I'd show a pic of my aquarium stick on thermometer.
  14. I've got one of those myself, and I just made Let It Bee Honey Blonde Ale. Bottled it a week or so ago.
  15. My Thunder Bay IPA is the only batch that I couldn't get 16 bottles out of. I guess I didn't compensate for all the water those hop sacks would displace. I only got 15, but, you live and you learn.
  16. I recently received a shipment, and everything was in order, except for the fact that one 4 oz package of carapils had come open, and the grain was everywhere. I let CS know, just because I'd want to know if I shipped something and it came open. Anyway, I wasn't trying to get 4 ounces of grain replaced, it's simply too easy for me to get that small of an amount at my LHBS. I was thanked for the info, and given a little store credit for for my trouble! I mean, WHO does that? Just awesome!
  17. I have an American Porter standard that I made with the booster only. It's at 8 weeks in the bottle now. I had one last night and it is pretty good, so I can only imagine what the SWOS is like.
  18. You're probably right because 50 IBU isn't bad at all.
  19. So despite there being some evidence that my yeast had gotten going again, the gravity never moved much. I raised the temperature into the 70s and everything. I bottled about 2 weeks ago, and this one has me nervous. All the bottles are tight to where I can barely dent them, and every single bottle has sediment like a trub bottle. It wasn't sweet at all at bottling however. At any rate, I'm keeping theae out in the garage, and I'm drinking them ALL at 4 weeks, unless it stabilizes.
  20. I've seen it stated some place that really blonde beers need lots of conditioning. Have yall found this to be true, and if so, why is it? I'd think the darker ones would need the most time.
  21. I NEVER drink just 12 ounces, that's why I like the larger bottles. Not saying I won't use standard glass bottles at some point. I have a few swing tops I scavenged. I like them.
  22. @kedogn Im talking sun up to sun down. Like if I'm off and messing around the house with yard work and stuff, an 18-pack is light work. Most of it anyway. Mind you, I mean macro light beer, not heavy craft beer.
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