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  1. Hahahaha! 30.....in a day.....!? That's impressive, I thought I was in the big leagues, but after 16 or 17, I'm usually done!
  2. It's a preference only I think. Those oxygen barrier bottles are for extended conditioning batches. I mostly use 16 oz bottles I got from my LBHS. 16 of them make a batch, and I like even numbers. The 740 ml usually gives me 11 bottles. The big MB bottles, which I don't think they have anymore, hold a whole batch in 8 bottles. That's fine, but one bottle is an eighth of a batch.
  3. Counting all the brew I have bottled, ounce for ounce, it's exactly 91 beers! I currently have 3 empty fermenters, and recipes on the shelf. I think I need to drink some before I make anymore. I'm running out of places to store it.
  4. If there is residue, then the yeast is eating the sugar, and producing CO2 as a result. Patience
  5. I just took a reading off of this batch, 1.009. I'm gonna call it done, at 5.38% abv. This is day 19 now I think. I'll let the temp come up the next couple days, then crash it.
  6. Like how fine? You remember what the grit number was?
  7. I mean, not to be crass, but I'm co-signing this like a mofo!
  8. Let It Bee Honey Blonde Ale is 2 weeks in, and still quite active! Little bubbles are rising almost non-stop. But, I pitched really cool, so it took a few days to really take off. I guess its just playing catch up now.
  9. If you plan to drink the sample, just pull from the spigot, no need to sanitize it.
  10. I have a can waiting. I might make it next. I've never had it, but listening to all of you made me get it.
  11. I do use the temperature correction, NOW. I went quite awhile knowing nothing of it, lol.
  12. I don't have the greatest temperature control, but they pretty much stay somewhere between 64 and 70. I have found though, that those extra large ice packs drop the temps in a hurry, and I should only use them in emergencies. I think that is what put the yeast to sleep on this one.
  13. So I'm supposed to bottle this beer in a few days, so I decided to take a sample and check it. I got 1.020. Now, that makes 3 consecutive batches with that as the FG, which I think is too high for all of them. Anyway, I went to the LHBS because of course it has to be my hydrometer right? I mean, 3 in a row? So I get home with the brand new hydrometer, which we checked in the store. They had distilled water on hand because they were cutting some moonshine (whole other story) at the time. I got the same reading however, so I shook the LBK around a little gently. Almost instantly bubbles started to hit the surface. Now, hours later it is all cloudy again like during high krausen, and bubbles are coming up every 30 seconds or so. So shaking around the LBK a little seems to be just what the doctor ordered. Sorry if this is a little long-winded.
  14. Dude I LOVE that smell! My wife looks at me crazy when I'm standing over the pot inhaling it.
  15. It's a little more involved, but its not hard. I love it, I feel like I'm doing more than the "just add water" technique. And the end result.....really good beer.
  16. Whenever I bottle, I save the sanitizer water in a 1 gallon jug, just in case I need to sanitize anything. Could I use that? I'm just wondering, I don't have anything against boiling water.
  17. Today is the day I'm supposed to put the last hop sack into my Thunder Bay IPA. Is there a certain technique to sanitize the muslin sack. The instructions say to steep it in boiling water. Is it really that simple?
  18. @Njaim Over 70° is actually best for conditioning your beers!
  19. I think it's my best ever, and I've probably got 20 batches under my belt, at least. I'm sure that it's not a coincidence that it's also my 1st partial mash. I have #2 and #3 in fermenters now though.
  20. I'm down to my last 16 oz bottle of this batch and it continues to get better. It's a really good beer if you like hedges. I gave my father-in-law one the other day and he texted "Very Good Brewmaster" a little bit ago, haha! I recommend everyone to try it, if you like hefes I mean.
  21. I don't know, my very 1st batch wasn't at all what I was expecting either. It was a Classic American Light standard refill. I was expecting something like Bud Light or Miller Light, and it's not even close. MB batches really doesn't taste like any commercial beers, I think large in part to the fact that many of the commercials are lagers as @RickBeer stated. As for the smell, I personally love the aroma of unfermented malt, ESPECIALLY when it's unhopped and has to be boiled! Patience is the key however, because they absolutely get better with age. Stick with it, continue to learn, and soon you'll PREFER your beers over the ones you're naming. CHEERS!
  22. I just did it myself, it was harder to get it out than it was to replace it. Thankfully it was clean as a whistle inside. I was afraid of what I would find.
  23. Okay, is there a certain technique, or do you just snatch it out?
  24. What do you mean by "in pieces"? Can it be broken down further than the spigot, washer, and nut? Can you disassemble the valve itself?
  25. I've had the krausen hang around for 2 weeks or more. I thought it was weird too, but everyone here told me to relax, and all was well. Lol
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