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  1. I'm brewing a dark recipe and noticed it's not possible to shine a flashlight through the plastic Mr. Beer jug to verify that fermenting is happening. So, last night after 10 hours since starting the batch, I briefly opened the lid to look inside for a second to verify the fermenting. Have I likely damaged my beer? I'm hoping that taking a look this soon isn't too significant as it had regular air in it 10 hours earlier when I started the batch. Thanks.
  2. I've ordered some refills to brew some more beer and the UPS tracking says the shipment was delivered to my door at 2 PM today. I won't be home until 5:30 PM or so. The catch is that I live in Arizona and the high temperature today will be 108 degrees. So the little yeast packets under the lids will be exposed to 108 degree temperatures today. Will his harm the dry yeast? Thanks.
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